19 July 2016

What You Should Be Checking Annually To Keep Your Family Safe

It’s so important that you keep on top of maintaining your home so that everything is in working order. If you don’t, you could be putting the safety of your family in jeopardy. Here are a few things you should be checking annually to keep your family safe. 

Your fire alarm
One thing you should be checking annually is your fire alarm. A lot of people leave them once they have been installed, but you need to replace the battery when it runs out. You need to make sure it’s working, as you could all be at risk if it doesn’t go off when there is a fire. You should test it to make sure it’s working correctly and replace the fire alarm if it’s not working ASAP. You should also check your carbon monoxide alarm so that you know it’s working too.

Your boiler 
Another thing you should be checking annually to keep your family safe is your boiler. You need to get a gas company out to provide a boiler service. They will be able to check to make sure it’s running efficiently and safely. They will make sure that there are no leaks which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if not dealt with. They will make any repairs necessary before they result in further problems. They will also be able to check to see if there’s anything you could be doing differently to cut costs of your energy bill. By getting it checked annually, you are covering yourself with your insurance if something does happen. Keep a note of when they last came out to provide a service, so you know when it’s time to contact them. 

Your home insurance 
You should also be checking annually that your home insurance is valid. You have to renew it at the end of 12 months and therefore, it’s time to review it and make any necessary changes. You need to make sure it’s all correct, because if something did happen, they wouldn’t be able to come and sort it if you are not covered. It could mean your family could be in jeopardy if you don’t have funds to repair the problem. Therefore, check it all thoroughly so you know you can contact them in an emergency.

Your electrics
Another thing you should be checking annually to keep your family safe is the electrics. You need to make sure you have a look in the electricity box and check the wires to see if everything is in the correct place. If you notice any strange sounds or see any sparks, it’s time to get an electrician out to sort out the issue before it gets any worse. 

Your roof 
You should also be checking the roof annually if you want to keep your family safe. You need to do an inspection of the roof to see if there are any cracks or damages. It’s essential to do this after there has been bad weather. As this article reveals, make sure you arrange to have any repairs done straight away. If they are left, you could end up with damp inside your home. 

Remember, if you are ever unsure if something is safe in your home, you should get a professional out to take a look.


  1. Guess what my boiler is due a service
    Thanks for the reminder

  2. We have everything we can serviced annually, unlike a lot of our neighbours. Well worth it in the long run!

  3. Fab post ... people often forget about checking fire alarms and they're an obvious necessity, never mind servicing boilers and monitoring for carbon monoxide. It's easy to forget when we are all so busy so thank you for the reminder.

  4. Seems that those who are elderly, ill, disabled etc could benefit from having support in regards to these aspects of Home Maintenance. Health and Safety ISSUE.

    Rachel Craig