30 July 2016

Nutribuddy | Weight Loss Advanced Kit

Whilst on my quest for body confidence, it is a big part of mine to not only gain confidence in myself, but to lose weight too so that I can be happy in how I look. Losing weight can be hard though, especailly when you're used to over-eating, and workign from home doesn't help either. 

When I heard of Nutribuddy, I thought it was a great idea, and a lovely pack that includes every aspect of what you go through when losing weight. A whey shake which acts as a meal replacement, hunger fix tablets to help curb the hunger and over eating, and multivitamins, as it's important to make sure you're still acting healthily when dieting.

To help me on my way to body confidence, I was sent the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Advanced Kit which has enough of everything to last for 2 weeks. This exciting little kit contains:

Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey Shake – A whey protein based shake that can be taken as either a meal or snack replacement. Made from the milk of GM free, free range, grass fed cows and containing ingredients such as green tea and guarana to help boost metabolism. Whey protein is high in protein which is great for toning and muscle building. It also means the Sculpting Whey is super filling but low in fat and calories.

This fantastic shake is 100% natural and made form non-GMO ingredients. This means it's super healthy. There's also no added sugar. Sculpting Whey is only 115 calories per serving, making it one of the lowest calorie shakes out there. Available in vanilla or chocolate flavours. 

Recipe Book - Useful book filled with delicious yet healthy recipes. This awesome little book contains lots of delicious yet healthy recipes, designed to put you on the right track to a healthier you. The recipes are made to inspire you and help you change your eating habits for the better and you can easily slip your daily amount of sculpting whey into many of them. 

Shaker Bottle - Stylish dishwasher-safe shaker bottle and you can choose between red or black. 

Nutribuddy Hunger Fix Tablets – Containing glucomannan from the root of a plant, this is clinically proven to help you lose weight via appetite suppression as it takes up space in your stomach to keep you feeling fuller for longer and prevents snacking. 

Little Book of Weight Loss - Handy guide packed with helpful information. It may be little but this book can help you achieve great things! The clear product usage instructions help you to get the most out of your Nutribuddy products and the Eating Plan really nips your bad eating habits in the bud, putting you on the road to success with healthy dieting habits.

Nutribuddy Multivitamins – general multi vitamins for well being which includes a healthy blend of essential vitamins. They have numerous health benefits including keeping your immune system and skin healthy. Some ingredients within them can also help with weight loss through metabolism boosting and fat burning.

How I Used The Kit
Using this kit can be very varied. You can decide how and when you have the multivitamins and sculpting whey shake, as long as you have the right amount each day. The hunger fix tablets are a little more set in when you need to take them though. These need to be taken at least 15 minutes before food. One before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner. You also need to make sure that you drink at least one full glass of water when taking them, this is very important. This can be then upped to taking 2 at a time, to a maximum of 6 a day. The multivitamin was easy, I just took it before breakfast each morning as I was taking my first hunger fix tablet. 

The sculpting whey is super easy to make up. 3 scoops (30g) of the sculpting whey mixed with either 300ml of water or milk and then give it a shake in the shaker. Alternatively, you can make a really exciting smoothie with the sculpting whey as there are lots of great smoothie recipes included in the recipe book, or just wing it and chuck a bit of everything in like I usually do. What I like about the sculpting whey, is that there is no set time that it has to be had. I have been having it as a meal replacement at lunch time as it is very filling and keeps my hunger at bay until dinner. 

How I Found It and My Results
So, how did I find it? Quite good actually. Getting used to taking some many tablets each day, and remembering, was the hardest part. But once I was used to doing it, and drinking so much water at the same time, it was fine. The sculpting whey was surprising very nice indeed. I always mixed mine with milk if having it plain so I am not sure how it tasted with just water but I can imagine there wouldn't be much difference. 

To get my results from over the 2 week period, I did all the measurements on day 1, before starting on the kit, and then did all my measurements and weight again after finishing the whole kit. Above is a table which shows my overall results.

So that's a 6lb loss in weight and a 2 inch loss in measurements within only 2 weeks which I think is amazing. 


  1. A 6lb loss is very impressive. It sounds like quite a relaxed method of losing weight which is good. I'm glad you've had success so far.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Well done, that's a great result and it seems easy to use too! :)

  3. That really is amazing! Well done! I like how easy it is, no counting points and all that malarkey!

  4. That's a great result
    Keep up the great work

  5. Well done sounds like an easy way to loose a bit of weight.

  6. Well done sounds like an easy way to loose a bit of weight.

  7. They are fantastic results for only two weeks! Well done!!! Sounds like a nice easy way to lose some inches x

  8. Wow such fab results. Keep up the amazing work x