19 June 2016

What the Best Family Holiday Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Our holiday time is precious. And so when we go away, we want to do everything we can to make the most of it. But, for whatever reason, something goes wrong. And we end up wasting our precious family holiday time together. Fortunately, there is some advice out there. The following is what the best family vacation pros do (and what you should do too).

They Flee The Crowds
Right now there’s a significant trend away from holidaying at crowded resorts. Pro parents are looking to inspire their children, not give them a cookie-cutter vacation experience. They want them to strike out, off the beaten track. Family holidays should be about trying to create a shared experience. They shouldn’t be about trying to find ways to entertain the kids while the parents relax.

There’s no shortage of adventures that you could go on as a family. You could try your hand at horseback riding. Or you could go hiking or trekking across wild and rugged landscapes. You could even have a go at kayaking down a river.

They Get Somebody Else To Do The Legwork
Nothing is more annoying or time-consuming than planning a holiday. You have to book tickets, hotel rooms, travel arrangements and so on. For a few days, the average holidaymaker turns into a project manager. But that’s not what the pros do. Instead, they just get a travel specialist to do all the donkey work for them. They tell the travel specialist what they want, and then sit back and relax, knowing that it’s all being booked for them.

They Don’t Stay In A Hotel
Hotels are formal and restrictive environments. And so they don’t make for the most relaxing holiday destinations for families. Far better is to say in a holiday home. Fortunately, there are nearly infinite options, from Mykonos villas to Swiss chalets.

They Get Physical
Holidays should be about doing something different and exploring somewhere radically new. So one thing the pros avoid is doing the same things with their kids that their kids to at home. Just sitting by the pool on the iPad simply won’t do. Family holiday pros know that the way to get their children to remember their holidays isn’t to have them sit there, playing computer games. It’s to have them exercise their legs and their lungs. There are opportunities all over the world to challenge yourself, and your kids. So why not give it a go?

They Make Learning A Part Of The Experience
The pros know that when we visit new places, our brains become like sponges. We’re somewhere new, and we’re desperate to learn. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and your kids to a new activity. You could take part in local sport. Or you could try a new hobby. Just make sure it’s something different.

They Find A Great Creche
Some children are too young to enjoy all the experience we want on holiday. But that’s not a problem. These days there are thousands of resorts that come complete with creches. This is where you can keep young ones entertained while you strike out on an adventure.


  1. Great advice
    Love the learning experience it always makes things fun

  2. It's great to introduce your family to different places and try out new hobbies

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