29 June 2016

Thinking Slimmer | How My Eating Habits Have Changed

When I first started listening to the Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer, I didn't realise just how much it would change me and the way I eat. I mean, I knew that it was supposed to help you lose weight and eat better but I thought it would be a very long process to get me to stop over eating and to help in changing my mindset so that I wanted good foods instead. 

But it hasn't been that long at all. In fact, within the first week, I could already notice a difference with how I was eating, what I was eating and when I was eating. I'd no longer graze, I wouldn't snack as much and already seemed to be making better choices, and leaving food when I was full rather than just eating it because it was there. Click here to read my first Slimpod update (and watch my first vlog).

I'm now on to week 7 of listening to the Slimpod every night and have just started phase 2 which is listening to the Chillpod as well as listening to the Slimpod each day. I am still loving it and getting along fine with the pods, they don't take up too much time at all and I find myself falling asleep listening to them each night too. 

Just to show you, and praise myself a little, how much my food habits have changed, I thought I would write this post about what I used to eat compared to now. From lunches to dinners, it has all changed for the better and I can feel that in myself too.

Lunch was always my problem as it was something that I would never really eat. That was one of the problems. As I work from home, I would just graze instead, eating anything and everything that was to hand, from crisps and biscuits to cake and chocolate. It was just there and easy, so why not I thought. 

I guess that was my downfall as I wouldn't realise how much I was eating. I always assumed that missing lunch and snacking instead would work out better as it meant that I wasn't eating as much, but that wasn't true. In fact, I think I ended up eating more this way. 

This is all change now. I've started eating things that will fill me up more and st me on for the rest of the day so I don't feel peckish in between meals. Omelettes are a favourite at the moment as you can add so many different things to them to give them extra flavour and goodness, and they are super easy to prepare too. 

I use 3 eggs, a splash of milk (some people don't use milk, but I do!), and a pinch of salt. Then I add whatever I feel like that day. Mushrooms, veggies, even new potatoes have worked quite well. 

The one pictured is a more basic one for when the fridge is starting to get bare. As it's nearly finished cooking, I add a sprinkle of cheese and some sliced ham and then flip it over so they can fry. This gives it a more intense flavour rather than them just being mixed in and cooking inside the omelette. 

I rarely snack any more, and if I do then I know when to stop and try to pick healthier although Thinking Slimmer isn't about dieting and 'you can't' have something, so if I fancy a chocolate bar, then I have it. Just not every day, sometimes I don't have one for days, and that's okay with me. 

When it gets to dinner, I would usually be ready for a big meal. I do love cooking from scratch but as laziness had set in, my tea most nights would end up consisting of chips and then whatever frozen food I could find. Battered chicken, breaded fish, pies, and I'd never have one, always 2 of each. 

With the help of the Slimpod, I have been given my love of making food back and have started to want to cook a lot more. It's no longer just sticking anything in and eating it, but more about preparing the meal and then enjoying it. 

I love pasta and am always making different flavours with it. My favourite is with all the greens. making a basic white sauce and then adding in a sprinkle of cheese for a bit of added flavour. Throwing in whatever greens you can find (the one pictured is peas and broccoli) and adding enough pasta for yourself. 

So delicious, and actually so easy to make too. It's not only the eating better that has happened though, it's eating less. I would usually eat double that amount of pasta but now don't seem to want more any more. My mind tells me when I'm full and I just stop eating. 

And as I said, this is not a diet. It is no quick fix. It's not about losing as much weight as you can as quick as you can. It is a lifestyle change for the better. And as Confucius said 'It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop' 


  1. Glad it is working out for you. I agree it is about the long term, and that it is about changes for life.
    I have taken to making meals to take with me when I go to work rather than finding a shop that sells crisps and hot pies.

  2. It sounds like it is working really well for you! Well done! x

  3. Sounds like it really has made great changes for u.

  4. Sounds like it really has made great changes for u.

  5. its good to make changes. I have made a lot recently. Slowly but surely it will benefit us both! Well done!

  6. Great it's working out for you, your food looks great, keep on that journey!

  7. Good to know it's working for you. There is no quick fix to losing weight.

  8. I have never heard of this. Great that it is working for you, i will have to check it out :) xx

  9. Quick fixes do never work. It's so good to hear this is working for you. The small changes make the biggest differences. x