27 June 2016

The SML Diet | The One Week Challenge

A fortnight ago, I start my one week trial with SML Diet to see weather I could lose any weight or inches whilst on their plan. SML Diet was founded by Ally and stands for Slim & Maintain for Life as she believes that with the right support, we can all slim down, we can all certainly maintain our weight and if we have the belief in ourselves, we can maintain that weight for life!

So, I was sent the Simple plan of 28 products which is enough for a week and costs £35.25. Then the best bit starts, choosing what foods you want in your meal replacement pack. And there is so much choice. Meals, bars, shakes and snack bars, all different flavours and so much to pick from.

I decided to go for a bit of everything and picked out as many different things as I could so I could get a taste for everything. Banana, chocolate, chocolate mint/orange/coconut shakes. peanut chew and chocolate chew meal replacement bars. Meals such as pasta carbonara, cottage pie and bolognaise. And nutty, hazelnut and coconut snack bars, plus  so many more that I could mention. 

When all the items arrived I knew that I would be in for a hard slog. All packaged like army rations, the portions looked minimal, and then it hit home that I would be on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) for a week. I knew this would be hard as I love food, especially chocolate, which is why I picked so many chocolatey options when it came to the shakes and bars. 

So, I got on to my first day. This didn't feel so bad. I had a shake for breakfast, I just need to add 200ml of water and shake on the accompanied bottle to make, These were alright actually, 'I can do this', I thought. The chocolate one was so nice, kind of tasted like when a hot chocolate goes cold. And it did fill me up, when I guess if the main objective too.

The chocolate chew bar gave me that chocolate fix for lunch and then I had the pasta carbonara for dinner. This was where my main problem fell. I was not a fan of this. And as the coming days came, I noticed a pattern of this. All the bars and shakes would go down well, but the actual meals, not as much. 

I did persevere though and had my 4 items a day, even though one wasn't really to my taste, that was until a couple of days in when I had the cottage pie. That was delicious. Just like cottage pie in fact. Okay, it didn't really look like it (unless you mix all the cottage pie together like I do when eating it), but the taste was right and that's all that mattered to me. 

So, the idea of this VLCD, is that you eat these meals and after a couple of days, your body will enter a state called ketosis whereby the body will switch from using glucose for energy to using our stored body fats for energy instead. On a VLCD, you costume far less calories than you need so then you start to use up any stored calories from reserves in your body. Glycogen (stored in the liver) is used as a primary reserve. Once this has been depleted (can take between 1-3 days), they will start to use their body fat.

And that seems to be what I did. On day 4, I hit a block in the road. I felt headachy and wanted to drink more water than usual. It did subside though and I kept pushing myself to complete the week. And I did! I finished, I passed the week, and was so chuffed with myself for doing so. 

In total, during the week that I trialled the SML Diet for, I lost 4lb and lost 1.5inches. For me, that's great as I would have struggled to lose anything otherwise, and that was just in a week. IT's not just that though. I have always hated the pouch of fat on my tummy from having children and this just seems to have smoothed it out and tightened it in a bit. 

Here is a full breakdown of my loss:

Day 1                Day 8
Weight 170       Weight 166
Chest 44            Chest 44
Waist 40           Waist 39
Hips 44             Hips 43.5

I am so pleased that I decided to trial SML Diet and take the one week challenge. If I had to go back, I would probably pick more shakes and bars rather than the meals as I preferred them, but overall, I was impressed with the range of items available and the total loss over just one week. 

Check out the SML Diet website for more information and to see what they could do for you!


  1. Not bad for a one week challenge
    Well done

  2. Well done on your weight loss (and inch loss). I can see a difference in your pictures. Great going and thank you for your honest blog post :-)

    Alleyne (SML Diet).

  3. Well done for sticking to it for a week - think that's more than most people could manage as seems a difficult planx

  4. Well done for sticking with it lovely, it sounds like quite a hard plan to follow x

  5. Well done for sticking with it - you look fantastic. xx


  6. You can definitely see a difference so well done for sticking to it, I must admit that meal doesn't look very appetising :(

  7. Well done - I need to kick start some weight loss so will look into this - I like the idea of shakes

  8. Well done for sticking with it - not sure I could! x

  9. I have come to know the struggles of losing weight itself. And so every time I see people sharing their weight loss journey, I can't help but be proud of them as well. Good job for sticking up to it! xx

  10. Well done - this was fab for one week! I really need a kick start, but I just love my food and couldn't bear to feel hungry! Kaz x

  11. That's great for a week's loss. I would love to be able to loose that amount in a week.

  12. That's great for a week's loss. I would love to be able to loose that amount in a week.