1 June 2016

The Secret To A Good Night's Sleep For Parents

If you’re a parent, you’re probably familiar with sleepless nights and days that go by in a haze. Missing out on sleep is part and parcel of parenting, especially during the early days. But this doesn't make it any easier to cope. Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of tiredness. But these tips may help you to sleep better once you’ve survived the first few months.

Establishing a routine
You usually associate routines with babies and toddlers, but it’s also advisable to get into your own sleep regime. Once you’ve figured out plans for your child, you can start rejigging your routine. If you put your baby down at a set time each night, this will allow you to set your own bedtime. Your body has an internal clock, and it can get used to a new sleep pattern quickly. If the days of staying up until the early hours have long gone, your body will soon adjust to hitting the hay at ten or 11 o’clock. Of course, there will be nights when your child’s routine doesn’t quite go to plan, especially if they’re teething or potty training. However, if you can get a rough plan in place, this should help you to get more sleep.

In the early days, when you wake frequently during the night, it’s advisable to try and catch up with sleep during the day when your baby naps. If you have your partner at home or friends and family who can help, take it in turns to sleep. 

Getting your bed right
If you’re co-sleeping in a small double bed, or you’ve had the same mattress for years, now is the time to make some changes. Investing in a new bed will give you more space and provide you with greater comfort. Visit a showroom and try out some different beds. Ask the assistant for advice and read some reviews online. Understanding dunlopillo and latex mattresses will enable you to choose a bed that is perfect for you. 

Creating a peaceful environment
If your bedroom is filled with toys, clothes, and nappies, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to keep on top of tidying when you’ve got children, so invest in some storage solutions. Buy units or tubs, and put up shelves, so that you can clear away toys, books, and puzzles in minutes. If your bedroom is uninspiring, why not treat yourself to a mini makeover? Paint the walls to add colour, or swap your curtains, bed linen and soft furnishings for a new look. Add plants, lamps and rugs to make your room more homely. Use heavy curtains or blackout blinds to ensure your room is dark at night. 

Children are an incredibly precious gift, but they do have an undeniable impact on the quality and quantity of sleep. If you’re a parent struggling to get enough sleep, bear these hints in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family and try and create a soothing, relaxing sleeping environment.


  1. A useful summary and I love the peaceful look of the greys and whites in the bedroom photo above.

  2. Great tips and very useful advise to those who struggle at the night time routine.

  3. This was the one thing we established as quickly as possible with all of our children and I'm pleased to say we never have any problems with them going to bed now and they mostly sleep through until 6am so not too unsociable :)

  4. I totally and utterly agree about a good routine!! As a mama of twins, I think I'd have gone loopy if the twins hadn't been in such a strict routine in that first year! It was a godsend :)