17 June 2016

Home Improvement Tips That Will Make Your House Cosier

A home should be cosy. Cosy is what makes a house a home because it gives it character. It also gives you a place to sit and relax after a hard day’s work. And, your home should be the one place you can turn to when you need to take the edge off after a long day. If your home isn’t as cosy as you would like, you need to think about making a few improvements. Then, you can enjoy sitting in watching TV as much as going out for a drink with your friends.

Play Around With Colour
The colour scheme in your house will determine how you will when you walk in the door. Bright, light colours make the house seem a lot bigger and airier. That isn’t the case because light colours don’t add any extra space. Still, that is the perception when you use them on the walls and throughout the house. Dark colours are a lot deeper and warmer. As a result, they are the best colours to use to add an element of cosiness. Black isn’t a good idea as it is quite lifeless. Instead, try a deep red colour like maroon or burgundy.

Have A Focal Point In Every Room
The great thing about the focal point is that it takes up a lot of space. As the name suggests, a focal point is quite bulky and large. It has to be if it wants to attract attention when someone enters the room. Apart from taking attention away from the least appealing areas, it also makes you feel a lot cosier. As the feature dominates the room, it makes it seem as if there is less space. In this case, it is a positive because you feel as if you are in a home and not a house. A new oak dining table in the kitchen or a large sofa in the living room are effective focal points as any.

Use Family Photos
Nothing says cosy better than an array of family photos. First of all, it makes your house a lot more personal. There is only one person that can live in a house with pictures of your family, and that is you. But, it also adds character. Pictures of your family give people an insight into life, even though it is only a small glimpse. Most of all, they instantly put you at ease. As soon as you look at the photos, you will laugh, smile or reminisce. What is brilliant about them is that they are so easy to use to decorate the house. You can even dedicate one section of the house to them if you prefer.

Buy Comfy Furniture
Comfort is a major part of being cosy. But, you can’t be comfortable if you don’t have the right furniture. The trick is to go for substance over style. Yes, you want your house to look the part, yet you want to be able to relax more. When it comes to sofas and chairs, make sure they are comfy. It doesn’t matter what material they are as long as you can sit or lie down and relax. The style is good, but the substance is better.

A cosier home is easy with these tips.  


  1. Great tips thanks
    Love my home to be cosy

  2. Great tips thanks
    Love my home to be cosy

  3. Great tips!!