23 June 2016

External Improvements For Your Home That Your Neighbours Will Envy

Most of us strive to keep the interiors of our homes fresh and up to date. We all want to have attractive, stylish homes. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the exterior. After all, we rarely sit and stare at the walls of the outside of our homes. We’re usually rushing in or out, rather than relaxing with a cup of tea at the kerbside! So what can you do to give the exterior of your home the makeover it's craving?

If your home has been rendered, you may consider a fresh coat of paint. There’s no need to stick with boring neutral colours. A deeper shade could be just the thing to create an impact on your street. Some spray paints can last for several years, meaning your home can look bright and attractive for longer. 

Windows and window frames can sometimes look dull and dirty. If they are wooden, they should be treated and painted every couple of years. PVC frames and sills can harbour lots of dirt and grime, particularly upstairs. Give yours a spruce up to bring the sparkle back to your home. Most professionals use brooms on poles rather than getting up close and personal with the window frames and sills.

The approach to your home can also be refreshed. If the driveway is looking worn, consider a new, fresh surface. These can be provided in any colour or pattern you decide. If they lead to a garage, why not update your garage door to something more contemporary? Brands like Silvelox offer the latest styles to complement your home exterior. You may be able to select something that better matches the style of your front door. 

Are your boundaries in good order? Shrubs and hedges can quickly become overgrown during the summer months. It’s important to keep them trimmed and tidy to maintain your kerb appeal. Paths and planting borders should be free of weeds too. You may prefer a low maintenance frontage to your property. This will help reduce the amount of time you’ll spend keeping the area tidy. It can help the area look more spacious too. Consider planting in pots. They can easily be removed when the flowers fade. Artificial bay trees or hanging baskets can brighten the facade without needing care and attention.

If you have fencing, brick walls or railing around your property, you must check these are safe. Some need regular painting, and brick can need repointing. This will help them continue to look their best. Most importantly, it will ensure they don’t succumb to the weather and become dangerous for passers by.

Have you considered decorative shutters? They can work really well to brighten a darker brick colour. And they are marvellous for widening the appearance of the windows. As these are the eyes to your home, it can dramatically change the look of your property. Real shutters can also help keep the sun off the south-facing windows in the summer.

Porches are very important to the home. They provide a little shelter from the rain. They are also designed to be welcoming to visitors. Make sure your light fitting and doorbell are functioning well. You may also consider a camera and speaker system so you can see who is at the door without having to open it. You may want to upgrade your entry system to include electronic opening and locking systems for extra security. 

You can buy new porches without too much red tape from the planning department. Extending the sheltered area framing your front door can create a stylish and attractive frontage for your home. Some people choose to build mini conservatories so there is somewhere to leave muddy boots or delivered parcels when they are out. It can help keep the house warmer and more secure too. Include a bench and some lighting, to create a little nook to enjoy from time to time.

Have you considered lighting the exterior of your home? Integrated path lights, up lighters from the lawn, and down lighters from the roof can create a beautiful effect. All of these can be solar powered, so they won’t cost you a penny to run. LED lights can be purchased in warm yellow tones or brilliant whites that look contemporary and effective. You might even choose to project an image or pattern on an exterior wall!

There are many things you can do to wow passers-by from the kerb. The exterior of your home can become the envy of your neighbourhood with just a few clever touches. Whether you add a few lights or change all your doors and windows, make your home the most stylish on the block.


  1. oh some good ideas here we need to do the outside of ours again

  2. I am always surprised at how often people forget the outside of their home and their garden or frontage. The suggestions above make a big difference.

  3. Great ideas thanks
    Really need to improve the outside of ours