5 May 2016

How To Make Moving Day Go Off Without A Hitch!

Moving day can be really stressful, and there are so many things that can potentially go wrong. Ideally, moving day will go off without a hitch. Then you can settle into your new home feeling relaxed and excited for whatever the future holds. Doesn't that sound amazing? Here are some tips that will help you:

Get A Babysitter
If possible, get a babysitter to take care of your kids while you move. Packing up can be difficult with them, as can actually moving all of your stuff into your new home. Of course this depends on how far away you’re moving. If you’re not moving too far this is a really good idea, because you can get their rooms ready for them then too, so it can be less of a shock to the system. It’s natural for kids to get anxiety about moving house, so placing familiar things in their rooms can make them feel better about it. They still might not be very happy, but at least they have something to soothe them if needs be.

Get A Pet Sitter
Pets can find moving day difficult too. If you can get a sitter for them, then do so! You can also set up a place the pets can get used to, too. This could even be just a corner of your new home with something that smells like you in it, so they feel more at ease in a completely new environment. It’ll take some getting used to, but they shouldn’t start acting too strangely in your new place. 

Hire A Reliable Moving Company
If you haven’t got much to move and you’re not moving far, you might be able to get friends to help you and skip this step. However, in most cases, it’s a good idea to hire a reliable moving company to get all of your things safely to your new address. Bear in mind that some moving companies have weird rules, so you should always do your research and read the small print first. Don’t take risks when it comes to getting your stuff there. Some people try to save money and hire illegitimate companies, and then their things haven’t shown up at their new address. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a company that you can trust. Make sure you double check the date with them too. 

Triple Check Each Room In The House
Before leaving your old home, triple check each room in the house. It’s so easy to miss small bits and bobs, and you don’t want to get halfway to your new destination before remembering something really important. It might help to make a list you can check off too, or you can find lists online that you can use. Make sure you comb through each room to make sure you haven’t left anything that you want to take. You can always leave things for the new home owners if you don’t want it and you think it might come in handy for them. 

Label All Of Your Boxes Carefully
Label all of your boxes carefully to make it really easy when unpacking your things. You should put everything in the box on the front. You can even label it with the room it’s supposed to go in, just to make it easier for whoever picks up the box. Colour coding is also an option. Don’t just assume you’ll know where something is if you need to find it last minute. You’ll be glad you did it! 

Create Emergency Moving Boxes For The Family
Make emergency moving boxes for each family member. The box should contain anything they might need at a moment’s notice. For young kids, this might be a favourite toy, along with their toothbrush and things like that. This can also mean you don’t have to sort everything out right away when you arrive at your destination. You can all relax and then focus on unpacking the next day when you’re well rested. You definitely don’t want to feel like you have to do everything quickly and haphazardly. 

Put Some Things Into Storage
You might not know what to do with certain items in the home, especially if they are valuable and you don’t know where they can go yet. In these instances, it’s a good idea to put them into storage. You can find pink self storage options that are watched by CCTV at all times, so you know your stuff is as safe as it can be. Then when you’re settled, you can decide what to do with these items. 

Keep Important Documents And Items With You
When moving, there are always going to be important documents, keys, and other essentials you have to have on hand. Keep these with you in a folder if you want to make things really easy. You probably don’t want to have to root through boxes on boxes, so keep them somewhere you can grab them. Having copies is a good idea, in case anything important gets lost. Don’t risk it! 

Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Want Before Moving
De-clutter your home and get rid of things you don’t want before moving. You could sell them to make a bit of extra cash, give them to the people who have helped you move, or donate them to a charity close to your heart. Be honest with yourself. Will this item match the style of your new home? Do you really need it? By taking an honest inventory of the things you really need, you’ll better be able to move into your new place. Don’t be a hoarder! The great thing about new houses is you can start over again. 

Clean Your New Home Before Getting Your Stuff In There
If you can get to your new home before moving your stuff in to give everywhere a quick once over with your cleaning products, you’ll create a better environment to set your things down in. If you can, the bathroom and the kitchen are probably the best rooms to focus on. Then when you arrive with your things you can start making it feel like home

Take A Picture Of Wiring And Electronics
Unpacking your electronics, such as TVs, stereos, and things you need to plug in can be confusing. Where are all of those wires supposed to go? By taking a picture of the back of your TV and anything else you’ll need to put back together, you’ll be able to set things up with less stress. You could even use a strong seran wrap or something similar to wrap it all up tightly when packing so all you have to do is plug everything into the mains. Just make sure there’s no chance of your electronics getting damaged! 

Change Addresses 
Try to change addresses over at least 2 weeks before you move. This is really important if you’re moving some distance away. You should be able to get the new occupants of your old place to send you your mail if you don’t, but it can still be a hassle. 

These tips should help you to tackle your all important moving day without a hitch. Don’t get stressed out. Use these tips and you should be able to minimise the amount of stress you experience. Then you can settle in, and get your kids/pets settled too. Before you know it, you’ll be able to call this place home. Leave your own tips below. See you soon!


  1. Really great advice some good tips too will be putting them to use shortly

  2. thanks for these helpful tips

  3. Great tips. We are preparing to move soon. been having a big clear out before

  4. Justine Goodwin6 May 2016 at 15:12

    Fantastic tips x

  5. definitely agree with getting a babysitter

  6. Some great tips you have mentioned here.

  7. Wish i had read this before we moved. It was so stressful, This will help lots of people. Great read. Thank you x

  8. Perfect
    Very stressful time and you seem so organised well done you x

  9. Perfect
    Very stressful time and you seem so organised well done you x

  10. Try and smile even when things are getting you down

  11. Bookmarked this i will be moving soon😞

  12. Good list! I have moved house quite a lot and thought I had the process down to a fine art but came unstuck twice in the last move ...

    I moved in on a Friday and, on the following Monday, the TV licensing rep knocked on my door to serve me a court notice for non-payment. The broadband had not been connected at the new house so I had not yet advised them of my move. Luckily, I had unpacked my bank statements and was able to prove that I was up to date on payments. After he left, I found a big pile of letters addressed to The Occupier that I hadn't opened because the house had been empty for a year before I moved in. Next time, I will open all the post I find!

    The second was an expensive mistake. I had a proper survey before I moved in but did not walk round the house to check for any obvious issues. Two months later, I discovered that the garage door had been driven into and was dented but was obscured by rows of bins outside and all my unpacked boxes inside. The surveyor had not seen it but it was too late for me to prove that it was his omission. Next time, no matter how exhausted I am, I will walk round the house inside and out with my camera and snap anything and everything even remotely suspicious.

  13. Label All Of Your Boxes Carefully is a great idea.