20 May 2016

Designing A Child Friendly Garden

I love our garden. It has given us many a day of fun and games. It faces right where the sun comes up too so we get a full day of rays which is great for when the weather is nice and we can enjoy a pool and barbecue day. 

What isn't great, is the fact that our fence partially blew down in the storms we had last year, oh and the old, very rusty swing is a bit of an eyesore now too. It is hard though, our garden is quite big and so re-doing it, costs a heck of a lot. For the past 6 month, we have been saving and now have just about enough to make this our next project.

So project - spruce up the garden, is on!

First up, will be making our garden safe and so this means getting a whole new fence fitted. We used to have a 4ft one but are going for a 6ft one this time to make it fully private. After painting it with a nice willow green colour, I will secure a few watering can planters onto the fence and plant some coordinating flowers in them to give us a pretty enclosure. 

With our garden being so big, this means we have a shed load of grass to cut, and it just gets too much sometimes, especially after a bad winter when it's grown to jungle size. So, my thinking is that we will make the grassed area smaller by paving around half of the garden. 

This will also give us more space for an outside dining area and to have some more planters with some pretty lavender to give us that lovely scent, any time of the day. But of course, we'll be wanting something to give us a bit of shade, for when the sun just gets too much.

For this, I've also looked at Infinite Canopies who offer bespoke, timber framed canopies in all manner of designs. Not only will this bring another dimension to the garden design, but it will also keep the boys dry when they're crafting outside in the rainy weather. 

To finish, I was thinking of adding a new swing set to the end of the garden. Not just a plain one though, a nice big one with a slide and see-saw added in. I've seen some beautiful timber ones which will just look beautiful and always seem to age better than metal. 

This may take a while though. Getting everything organised and fitted, maybe we might get this summer in our new garden, but if not, we can enjoy drinks in the autumn weather, whilst the kids play in their brand new garden. 


  1. I'm on project spruce up too
    We got hit with storms to and our greenhouse is unsafe -can't let children out until I get glass sorted
    Good luck with yourd

  2. if you've worried about having to mow a large lawn, you could consider making part of the lawn into a wildflower meadow. We did this with our front lawn which was a real nuisance to mow as we had to use a very long extension cable which kept snagging and coming unplugged. So 6 years ago my son & I dug it over and sowed several packets of meadow seeds, which are a mixture of long grasses and various wildflowers. we now have a really nice meadow with lots of flowers, and even though I walk through it to get to the compost bin, it doesn't seem to get badly flattened. We just give it a mow once a year in autumn and it takes care of itself. Plus kids can pick the wild flowers to make daisy chains or little bouquets.

  3. We would like to do something with our gardens at present both back & front are paved/tarmaced and are on a slope. Any suggestions would be appreciated x

  4. Good plan for an improved garden. Being able to eat outside in summer is wonderful.
    I particularly liked the parasol-type canopy on the Infinite Canopies website.

  5. Sounds great. We are in the process of trying to sort our garden to and I'm wanting to get a new swing set for my girls. We have a metal thingy but I love the looks of the wooden ones. They seems sturdier.

  6. great plan,thanks for the tips x

  7. Good article - like some of the others I am on a mission to sort my garden out

  8. Great idea and yeah much needed

  9. We are also project fix the garden too!! We got a new 6ft fence built last year which has been great, but our lawn all died in the winter so we have been trying to get it to grow again!! I'm giving it another 2 weeks and if it hasn't grown I may have to buy the rolls of turf! I love to see a beautiful garden! X