1 April 2016

Youngsies‏ | Baby Bee Costume

When it comes to dressing and buying clothing for my sons, I like to go bright, I like to go bold. I mean, plain is just boring. I love colour and patterns and funky designs, and I think that's what childhood is all about. Having fun with things, even clothes. 

Recently, Joseph was sent a super cute Baby Bee Onesie from Youngsies to buzz around in. Youngsies is an online store where you can purchase animal onesies for your young ones and is the number one site in the UK for these adorable romper suits. From panda onesies, to shark towels, there are loads of animals to choose from for your little ones wardrobe.

Now, on to the Baby Bee Onesie. Look at it, just look at it. It just brings all my favourite things to the table. Brightness and quirkiness come in spades with this onesie. Coming in sizes from 6 months to 2 years, this is a sure fire way to brightly dress your baby or toddler.

Made from super soft material with poppers to fasten it, and for easily taking it off and on for nappy changes, this romper suit is perfect for flying around the house as a day to day outfit, or can be used for sleeping in too, like a regular onesie would be. 

The black and yellow material is warm, but not too warm for summer, so is the perfect bee costume for buzzing around outdoors with all the other creatures. With little antennas on the hood and a little stinger tail on the bottom, it is super cute and super fun for little ones to wear.  

I love it. I think Joseph looks so adorable in his Baby Bee Onesie and the fit is great for his size. I like that everything matches perfectly, even the poppers are colour coordinated to the onesie. 

What's more, for every Baby Bee Onesie sold, Youngsies donate 50p to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust so you know you are helping bees when you purchase this onesie (Youngsies also donate £1 to Pandas International for every panda onesie sold).

Pop over to the Youngsies website for more information about Youngsies, or to purchase a onesie for your child.


  1. Aww what a cute little bee Joseph makes. It looks like a fun outfit to wear perfect for fancy dress too.

  2. Oh my goodness!! This is just adorable!!

    Why don't they make them for older children (and grown ups too!!)

  3. Aw that outfit is super cute! It looks really warm and snuggly!

  4. That is very cute and he looks very happy to be a Bee :)

  5. Aww such a cutie and that outfit looks so soft and lovely too.

  6. Lovely outfit I always liked to dress my children nice even though I couldn't afford things for myself that's what being a mum is so cute!

  7. Aww the baby bee costume is so cute Oh and so is Joseph 💝