20 March 2016

My Top Tips for Frugal Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, I'm sure we can all agree that having to scrub the bathroom is probably the worst part. Well according to a survey carried out by Yorkshire based handmade furniture company Distinctive Chesterfields, a whopping 41% agreed with this. 

You can buy all sorts to clean your sink, your bath, your toilet. Even stuff to specifically clean your taps. And all these products mount up in price. But I don't use any if I can help it. With the use of some handy items that most people have in the house, I am able to clean my house without the need for most cleaning products.

When life gives you lemons... Make them in to tap cleaners. Well, that's the saying isn't it?! 

Lemons are perfect for cleaning taps and stainless steel shower handles too. You just simply need to cut a lemon in half, rub it into the tap and then push it down so that it covers most of the tap, leave it for 2 mins to get to work. Then rinse with cold water and let it air dry for bright, shiny, clean taps.

A mixture of white vinegar and water will also remove limescale and nasty minerals from building up on the shower head. 

It's not just the bathroom that gets my cleaning hacks treatment though, the whole house can be cleaned with the help of some handy items. Want to get rid of fingerprints from stainless steel? Rub in baby oil and then buff with a microfibre cloth. 

Want to get rid of dried-on food from inside the microwave? Fill a cup with cold water and 2 tblsp of white vinegar, inside the microwave. Set it for 5 minutes and it will help the dried-on food clean off easily. 

You can even check here if you want to know how to clean your leather sofa without having to spend a fortune on leather cleaner. 

And don't forget, if all else fails, use wet wipes! Ever since having children, wet wipes have become my 'go to' cleaning product when in a rush!


  1. I love a baby wipe quick clean! I often wonder now how I used to clean before children (oh yes, in blissful peace!!). I have to say I have never tried using lemons, but I saw a nifty hack using them in your microwave that I might try! xxx

  2. I love cleaning with white vinegar. Sometimes the watermarks on the shower doors just need that extra bit of encouragement to disappear!

    I do however hate wet wipes. They are so harmful to the environment.

  3. great tips - lemons are fab for cleaning!


  4. I keep forgetting about how powerful lemon can be as a cleaner. It's so natural too. I think we use far too many chemicals around the home these days

  5. I clean with wipes loads around the house it makes cleaning more quicker for me when Blake's following me everywhere.

  6. I clean with wipes loads around the house it makes cleaning more quicker for me when Blake's following me everywhere.

  7. great tips thanks for sharing. Will definitely try the microwave one

  8. Fabulous tips that are cheap thanks