17 March 2016

My Guide To The Best Sweet Treats For Easter

When it comes to gifting at Easter, chocolate and sweet treats are always top of the list, it's a big tradition to collect as many Easter treats as possible, or it was for my siblings and I any way.

So today I thought I would show you exactly what you can get this year. Chocolate treats for adults, for children and even some sweeties and cakes thrown in too.

So, let's start with these sweet treats shall we and first up is Cadbury's, full of deliciousness with their range of Easter treats, from eggs of all sizes, to chocolate bunnies and special edition Dairy Milk bars.

The Cadbury eggs come in different sizes, larger eggs, like the Creme Egg one, comes complete with 2 yummy Creme Eggs and the medium ones, the Mini Eggs and Mini Oreo have a packet of those yummy delights along with the delightful Cadbury Easter egg.

The hollow bunnies are perfect for Easter egg hunts. The smaller coming as a pack of 5, which are great little treats for little ones. We have a few packs of these which I will hide around the house, leading the the bigger bunnies and eggs as a prize for completing the hunt.

If your child is a sweetie lover, then look no further than Swizzels who have a lovely Easter range of their sweets. The Spring Selection sharing bag offers a variety of the most-popular Swizzels sweets and lollies in a fun Easter themed pack and is the ideal size for sharing with friends.

Swizzels also have the limited-edition Easter Mix tub which is back by popular demand for Easter 2016. This eye-catching, Easter themed tub is filled with much-loved Swizzels sweets including Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Refreshers and Drumsticks. Not only is it a great gift for sharing, but is perfect for Easter egg hunts as it is filled with sweets for all to enjoy.

Then how about we mix the lover of Easter eggs with our love of sweets. Scandi Sweetie eggs from Scandikitchen are a Scandinavian tradition. These pretty little cardboard shells are filled with the recipients favourite pick and mix selections from Scandinavia.

Adorned with beautiful designs on the outside, the shells are just as important as in sweeties inside and are a bug tradition in Scandinavia. And then, of course, are the treats inside the can be anything from pick and mix sweets to chocolate. I love this idea of getting to pick out a beautiful egg, perfect for the recipient and then filling it with their favourite sweets.

Hows about we skip over to us adults for a bit then now. Easter eggs don't just have to be for the kids you know and even us parents need a good chocolate fix every now and then. 

When it comes to luxurious chocolates, Elizabeth Shaw has never compromised on the quality of their ingredients. Since 1881 they have  sourced a very specific blend of cocoa from the Côte d'Ivoire and that is what makes their delicious Milk Orange Crisp Egg. 

This egg has gorgeous melt in the mouth honeycomb crisp pieces lovingly wrapped in deliciously a crunchy orange flavoured milk chocolate egg. Coming with 12 milk orange crisp chocolates, this stunning egg is packaged in a beautifully designed gift box with a uniquely decorative ribbon handle. the perfect gift for the special Someone in your life. 

To make the Elizabeth Shaw experience even more perfect, they also have these scrummy Cappuccino Flutes which are rich dark chocolate flutes filled with a milk chocolate and coffee centre. These irresistible treats are so moreish and come in a handy box that presents them fanned out or easy grab-ability.

If you're a Belgian chocolate fan, then look no further than Guylian who have a luxurious range of Easter eggs that will make your mouth water. New for Easter 2016, Guylian have released their ever-popular Opus assortment in brand new Opus Egg. This beautiful gift has a 120g Belgian chocolate Egg and also a 90g selection of Guylian's luxurious artisanal Opus chocolates.

From the Guylian Sea Shell Egg, coming with a delectable box of praline Sea Shells and a premium Belgian chocolate egg, to the Guylian Mini Filled Eggs, which are all individually wrapped and come in an assortment of three delectable flavours; milk chocolate truffle, milk chocolate praline and dark chocolate praline. The perfect way to have a luxurious egg hunt.

I adore the Guylian Sea Shells with their delightful hazelnut praliné filling. It just keeps you coming back for more, until the whole box has disappeared before your eyes!

If you're a truffle lover, then how about going on a curious Easter egg adventures with Monty Bojangles and their brand new Taste Adventures Easter Egg. This beautiful egg is made with milk chocolate which was selected for its caramel notes. 

The Taste Adventures Egg includes eight individually flow-wrapped truffles, Choccy Scoffy, Orange Angelical, Scrumple Nutty, Berry Bubbly, Cookie Moon and Fluttter Scotch truffles each dusted in cocoa. How truly divine do they sound. 

And then what about a good pudding to get the chocolate flowing. Almondy offer a range of delectable cakes that will leave you wanting more. The almond bases are based on an original Swedish recipe that dates from the 1890s and because their cakes do not contain flour, this means that they are all gluten-free.

The Almond cake with Daim is their best selling cake. This cake combines the irresistible almond base with a golden cream and crunchy almond caramel, deliciously coated with smooth milk chocolate. So you get that beautiful Almondy taste with the added extra of Daim hidden inside. This smooth and creamy dessert is the perfect treats for kids and adults alike.

And if you cannot have all this sweetness without a little tipple, then how about a dark, warming brew like Meantime’s Chocolate Porter. The natural mocca flavours of the four different roasted malts used to brew this rich, dark beer are complemented by the addition of real chocolate during maturation. Warm, complex and smooth, it has a long, clean finish.

So not only can you eat chocolate, you can now have it as a 6.5% ABV porter and stout, British beer!

So, there you have it. My guide to the best sweet treats this Easter. I hope it has given you some inspiration...


  1. I have to admit my favourite chocolate is Cadburys, Hotel Chocolat and Charbonnel - so Easter is always a great time in our house :) Some Charbonnel truffles, a Hotel Chocolat slab or a Cadburys Caramel egg will do nicely!

  2. I love Easter! A celebration that centres around chocolate, yay! I am so glad to read a guide of sweet treats as I am a bit worried about people beginning to give Easter presents. My sister has said not to get her children eggs as "they have enough chocolate" and has instead demanded I buy them each a new Disney Infinity character for their computer game. Err...no. Chocolate eggs or nothing.

  3. Ooh, I love the look of the Scandikitchen eggs! Thanks for the very useful ideas.

  4. You just can't beat Cadbury's buttons eggs :) My absolute fav! x

  5. I have to admit that we don't get the kids any chocolate at easter, we tend to buy little gifts instead

  6. That Daim cake looks amazing! Love Daim bars!

  7. That egg from Scandikitchen is gorgeous! I haven't seen anything like that before I want one!

  8. Love cadburys chocolate but disappointed I can't find a cadburys caramel,egg this year

  9. Thank you for a great blog and some good advice for Easter.

  10. Oh, yum yum! I did get through a lot of choc eggs this year :)

  11. I seemed to have got the message across clearly at last, I got all Cadbury's Eggs this year, happy happy Susie!

  12. Cadbury are the best in my opinion.

  13. Cadbury are the best in my opinion.

  14. to me glaxay is the best chocolate x