16 March 2016

My Guide To The Best Alternative Gifts For Easter

Okay, I'm not one for writing about the actual religious meanings of special days. We celebrate certain days on the calendar as fun days, rather than based on what they actually mean. Easter is a favourite day for children, and of course for adults too, who love the traditional chocolate eggs.

But today I am showing some of my favourite alternative Easter gifts that you can get. For if you want to change it up a bit. To gift something else but sweet treats. 

For the book lovers,

Books are always a great gift to give and this lovely story, Puffin Rock: Hello Little Egg by Penguin Random House will be the perfect read this Easter as it features its own little egg!

Puffin Rock is the home to two young and fun puffins, Oona and Baba and we get to follow them as they discover their island and embark on new and exciting adventures along the way. During this book, the two puffins find an egg, all alone, and that's where the adventures starts, to reunite the lost little one with his worried family.

With beautiful illustrations reminiscent of the award winning preschool animation series, these characters children are reminded of these 2 lovely characters as they follow their journey to the end of the book.

If you want to go for something personalised, The Little Boy Who Lost His Name from LostMy.Name is a book which tells a story of a courageous journey  which is personalised to the letters of a child's name.

I had this one made to Joseph's name and each part references back to a letter in his name, culminating in the story finding his name. `eThe hand-drawn illustrations bring the book to life and children can associate with the fun story which is unique to your child's name.

I think this is an ideal gift as it is a beautiful story told with reference to the child and their name which makes it so much more special. What's more, if you purchase through this link, you can claim the special 15% discount off your first book.

Maped Helix are a stationery company with a long history and have been making educational and stationery products for many years. They have a brand which is all about colour and offer a huge range of stationery which is fun and will appeal to children.

The Color'Peps Jungle is an uber fun set of felt pens that stand upright in a pop-up base so they can no longer lose their lids and can fold down when not in use. I think this is super cool as kids can easily grab the colour they need from the base and just pop it back in once finished.

We the come to the Graph'Peps which have a fine point and are perfect for writing or drawing and come in a huge range of colours. A great way to have 4 colours in one pen, is the Twin Tip 4 Girly which has a soft grip right up to the tip for optimal control and comfort. And for sharpening pencils, there is the fab Croc Croc Innovation which is a rabbit-shaped pencil sharpener that teaches children how to sharpen as the teeth move if the pencil is turned in the right direction.

Toys are also a great idea to gift at Easter and Hasbro have the fantastic Pop! Pop! Piñata game which would be the perfect family game to play. In this fabulous game, players take turns hitting the button on the base to send the disk spinning upward toward the donkey piñata. A gentle hit releases a few prizes for the player to collect. 

But here's the catch! A hard hit will pop open the piñata releasing all of the prizes, but that also means that all players can race to collect the prizes. The player with the most prizes wins!

I know we've played it a few times so far and the boys adore it. It's great, not only to provide a fun family activity, but it is also great for their fine-motor-skills and coordination as they speedily try to grab the prizes.

If your little one is a fan of LEGO, then how about the LEGO Painting Easter Eggs Set which they have launched especially for the holidays to give children something that stimulates their imaginations. This cute set costs £6.99 and is available exclusively from Tesco.  

I think this is an ideal idea as not only is it a little collectible that if perfect for Easter, but it is a gift that a child can build themselves and then add to bigger collections to create their very own masterpiece. 

For younger children, you can't go wrong with a cute plush. This Bing Basic Plush is available in Asda at the moment for only £5 and your child will recognise Bing from his adventures on television which is based on the books by Ted Dewan. 

This soft and cuddly Bing is sure to be one of your Bingster's favourites as your child can celebrate the joyful, messy reality of pre-school life with Bing on their very own adventures.

If you're looking for a soft toy that talks, then the adorable Fun Sounds Chickedy and Chick from Golden Bear Toys are the way to go. Chickedy and Chick are the cutest and smallest members of the Twirlywoos family and now they can come alive in their very own soft toys.

Little ones get to hear Chickedy and Chick say their signature phrases from the show. The sounds are activated when the characters’ tummies are squeezed, so make sure you get to snuggling to hear them chatter.

These are amazing, snuggly gifts for your little one this Easter, giving them a plush of a character that they know and love, whilst also getting to hear the sounds with a gentle hug!
If toys aren't your thing, then how about this beautiful Dinosaur Egg Hunt T-shirt from JoJo Maman Bebe. This super fun design has a cute dinosaur appliqué on the front with him donning his adorable little bunny ears for Easter whilst out and about on a egg hunt.

The striped t-shirt is cotton lined so is suitable for sensitive skin and is made from 100% Cotton. Ranging from 6 months to 6 years, this is something that is perfect for Easter as a gift with a difference.

For little ones with unruly hair, let Rock and Ruddle be your saviour with their beautiful range of Easter inspired designer hairbrushes for babies and toddlers. Made with good quality boar bristles, which are are strong and resilient and have a natural stiffness that means that they brush the hair thoroughly and yet don’t pull as they are drawn through it.

They have microscopic scales that release and drag the sebum (natural oil) that is produced in the scalp distributing it along the hair making it shiny and healthy looking. They also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as they go through the hair. The bristles can then be cleaned by dipping them in warm, soapy water.

Now we can't talk about alternative gifts without mentioning something for the adults. And what's better than getting to have a little dance around the kitchen, using your very own Canvas DAB radio from Goodmans. This radio bring simplicity to digital radio with Canvas but goes extra miles, literally, with the fact that it is portable, as well as smartly designed inside and out.

You can listen to your favourite radio stations with crisp, clear sound all around the home and the long battery life of 9 hours means you don’t always have to be by a plug. The easy to read display provides information on the station and radio programme you’re listening to whilst also being super easy to change stations.

I love the fact that it looks so stylish whilst also being so practical. I can now have this radio on display in my livingroom, to listen to whenever I want, but can then unplug it and take it upstairs so I can bop to the music whilst cleaning the bathroom. Or, can even take it outside when the weather turns nice!

And if you want a gift with that Easter feel, then how about this Chevron phone case from goo.ey and designed by Melissa Odabash as it not only looks so beautiful, but it reminds me of an Easter egg with the cute design.

What's amazing about these cases though, is that they make phones hands free as they stick to mirrors and glass. The goo.ey case does not feel sticky at all, even though it has this capability to stick around and it means that you now have free hands to take selfies, chat on Facetime or Skype or even make videos. A great gift that not only is stylish and gives you hands free capabilities, but it will also protect your phone too.

So, that's it, my favourite alternative gifts for this Easter. I hope I gave you some great ideas to pick from!


  1. A fab list! We have the lost name book, it's brilliant. I need to get one for youngest daughter, you have just reminded me :-) I love the looks of the felt pen stand, what a brilliant idea, this is going on my to buy list. X

  2. Adorable list. Love your choice of books! I'm afraid at the moment though, my daughter still gets so excited when she sees a humongous chocolate easter egg, preferably the ones that have toys in them ;) Dean of Little Steps.

  3. Some lovely ideas - my daughter is a big Bing fan. And I've always love the idea of the Lost my Name books, will definitely have to check that out for her.

  4. I love the rock and ruddle brushes the design is so whimsical and cute! I love the t-shirt as well .

  5. You have included a great selection of alternative gifts for Easter. I like the look of the boy with no name book and the Lego. I think my children would love the Pinata game.

  6. Good list! Toby has the Great Big Hoo toy and loves it xx

  7. Great selection as not everyone likes chocolate and sweets.I like to buy my son a book for Easter as he has so much chocolate from other people and am aware it's not good for his teeth.

  8. These are some lovely gifts, saves kids getting a hundred eggs!