30 March 2016

Mocc Ons | Review and Giveaway

Socks are the bane of my life when it comes to babies. Not only do they fall off constantly, but when Joseph was a little older, he started pulling them off and hiding them. Then ensues a 'find the sock' game as there would always be the odd one missing. 

I always thought that he was too young to wear hard shoes, and would instead, keep him in soft soled shoes that again, he would pull off. Being on the verge of putting him in tights and no footwear, Sock Ons got in touch and told me about their super fab Mocc Ons which are moccasin style slipper-socks. 

Were these the answers to my shoe prayers? That's what I'm here to write about today.

24 March 2016

My Guide To Getting Crafty For Easter

Easter is one of my favourite holidays of the year. Come on, I mean we get loads of chocolate. But also because there just seems to be a great emphasis on being crafty at Easter and this gives the boys and I an excuse to get sticky with the PVA glue.

To start off with our Easter craft activities, Hobbycraft sent us out a bundle of items to get us on our way. From a Make Your Own Foam Easter Chick Crown Kit and a Make Your Own Large Felt Easter Chick right to the funky Decopatch Mache Jack Rabbit Trophy which gave you the added extra of being able to add your own flair to it. 

20 March 2016

My Top Tips for Frugal Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, I'm sure we can all agree that having to scrub the bathroom is probably the worst part. Well according to a survey carried out by Yorkshire based handmade furniture company Distinctive Chesterfields, a whopping 41% agreed with this. 

You can buy all sorts to clean your sink, your bath, your toilet. Even stuff to specifically clean your taps. And all these products mount up in price. But I don't use any if I can help it. With the use of some handy items that most people have in the house, I am able to clean my house without the need for most cleaning products.

When life gives you lemons... Make them in to tap cleaners. Well, that's the saying isn't it?! 

19 March 2016

Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll

It seems that in this day and age, that gender stereotypes still exist, whereby, it is felt that boys should not play with dolls, or things that are deemed 'girly' as that is somehow doing them a disservice. I hate this and I for one, am not not one of those people!

When it comes to buying toys for my sons, I try not to limit what they can choose to play with. If they want a superhero, that's fine. The same with if they wanted to pretend to be a daddy, that's okay too. 

So when we had the chance to receive the Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll I thought it would be a great way to let the boys play 'daddy' for a bit and give them that bit of responsibility. 

17 March 2016

My Guide To The Best Sweet Treats For Easter

When it comes to gifting at Easter, chocolate and sweet treats are always top of the list, it's a big tradition to collect as many Easter treats as possible, or it was for my siblings and I any way.

So today I thought I would show you exactly what you can get this year. Chocolate treats for adults, for children and even some sweeties and cakes thrown in too.

So, let's start with these sweet treats shall we and first up is Cadbury's, full of deliciousness with their range of Easter treats, from eggs of all sizes, to chocolate bunnies and special edition Dairy Milk bars.

16 March 2016

My Guide To The Best Alternative Gifts For Easter

Okay, I'm not one for writing about the actual religious meanings of special days. We celebrate certain days on the calendar as fun days, rather than based on what they actually mean. Easter is a favourite day for children, and of course for adults too, who love the traditional chocolate eggs.

But today I am showing some of my favourite alternative Easter gifts that you can get. For if you want to change it up a bit. To gift something else but sweet treats. 

For the book lovers,

13 March 2016

It's Snack Time With Super Yummies

When it comes to snack time for little ones, it is hard to find treats that aren't full of rubbish, and so you end up either scouring the supermarket for the best of a bad bunch, or giving in and giving snacks that are full of sugar and additives. 

The Super Yummies is a brand new range of snacks, developed with mums and nutritionists, for little ones that want all the fun of eating by themselves, but gives them to goodness they need. With tongue-tingling goodies in scrumptious flavours, this new range of snacks is something to savour.

Your little one gets to discover an exciting world of textures and tastes in the Super Yummies range which are for little ones 12 months and above. We were sent the whole range to try out with the boys, and to let them give their verdict on them and so here are our thought's after giving them all a try.

11 March 2016

Giveaway | Little Dandies Personalised Rabbit Cushion

I can't believe that Easter is only a few weeks away. This year seems to be zooming past so fast, it'll soon be Christmas at this rate!

Any way, with Easter in mind, I have a beautiful giveaway from Little Dandies today. Little Dandies is a children's clothing company based in Yorkshire who make stand-out-ish clothing for babies and children, and have now started making cushions and aprons also. 

They are a great company that I have worked with before when I review their Personalised Dinosaur Top which Joseph adored and so today they are offer one of my lucky readers a chance to win one of their Personalised Rabbit Cushions.

9 March 2016

Tommee Tippee | 12m+ Filter Bottle

Joseph drinks a lot of water. I think that it's a good thing and try to get as much water in to him as possible with the odd drink of juice every now and then. The only problem with drinking tap water, is that it can contain microbial cysts (cryptosporidium & giardia), lead and you can get that nasty smell and taste of chlorine. 

Because I want to make sure that Joseph grows up to be a lover of water and all the positives it brings, I looked in to getting a filter machine that could clean the water before he uses it. But then I came across the brand new Tommee Tippee Filter Bottle which does all the hard work for you, direct from the bottle itself.

3 March 2016

When You Want To Change, But Don't Know How

This is quite a hard post for me to write as it's something so personal to me. Something that I dread to think about. And is the reason why I'm sat here at 3am, unable to sleep and sobbing away. Trying to keep as quiet as possible so as to not wake the baby. 

My husband and I have been together for 11 years. We know each other inside out. When talking to each other, we rarely use our names and usually pick insults instead. I'm quite partial to calling him a crank when talking to him. And why not, it's a great word. It's probably up there in my top 10 favourite words. My first favourite being cantankerous as, well why the hell not. It's a fab word!

1 March 2016

Park Resorts | Cayton Bay Holiday Park

Cayton Bay Holiday Park, Park Resorts,

As a Yorkshire family, there is nothing we love more than exploring our glorious county in search of those little gems that show just how beautiful our little part of the world is. The North Yorkshire coast provides many locations and views to admire, but my most favourite place of all, the place that is just perfect for us, is Cayton Bay.

It's like a gem of a place, nestled in-between the famous resorts of Scarborough and Filey, and has a magnificent wide sweeping bay that is a an area of unspoilt natural beauty, and a beautiful place to explore, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit.

Primary School Admissions - And What To Do When It All Goes Wrong

With the population in the UK getting bigger all the time, this equates to having not enough school places to cope with all the children in our society. With that in mind, it makes no wonder that people fight for school places for their children and often don't get the desired place that they wanted. 

We purposely chose to move into the house we are in, because of the fact that it was so close to our preferred school (the school I went to as a child). Then, when it came to applying for a school place, I made sure to do it the exact date that applications opened and checked, and checked it thoroughly to make sure every single detail was correct. And was lucky that my children, so far, have been given the places in our preferred school.