10 February 2016

The Next Hurdle | Buying For Your One Year Old

I see a lot of posts talking about what parents will need when babies are born and the 'must haves' and essentials for those newborns, but this never seems to happen for when your baby gets older.

Yes, you do need a lot when your baby is born, but you also need to get some more kit when they get near the one year old mark, the extras that they need when growing up.

So today, I thought I'd write about the things that I love and would recommend that you have for your one year old child...


When it comes to buying snacks for your little one, it is so hard to work out which are best. I mean, just because they're sold for little ones doesn't mean that they're not full of sugar or badness. That's where Kiddylicious come in.

Kiddylicious are snacks for babies aged 12 months and onwards. They have an extensive range of delicious fruit and vegetable based snacks that are a healthy part of a babies diet.

From the Fruit Wriggles range, Joseph has tried the Strawberry Wriggles which he adores. The finest, juiciest strawberries have been cooked, pure├ęd and whizzed to magically form wonderfully tasty wriggles. Each little bag provides at least 1 of the recommended 5 fruit or veg portions a day.

The Blueberry Wafers are Joseph's favourites though. Made with rice wafers, these snacks have a hint of blueberry which is subtle and ideal for developing taste buds. The perfect size for little hands, the wafers are mess free and perfect for whilst out and about.

A Money Box
Now this is one that not many people think about. Not really a necessity but a money box is a great item to have for your baby.

The reason I say this is because you'll find that a lot of family members or friends will often gift your baby the odd coin every now and then, and sometimes even give them money for birthdays, Christmas etc as little ones can be hard to buy for.

Instead of having to go out and spend it straight away I find it great to have a money box that you can store any money in until you find something that your baby would love. We have this super cute 'The Farm' - Personalised Money Box from Getting Personal.

It is a ceramic children's money box with a colourful farm yard design. The cute images of a bunny, sheep, pig and duck are sure to make your child smile as they grow older. What's more, this money box can be personalised with a name and special date to make it truly unique.

We decided to have Joseph's full name written on it with the date of his birth. So not only is it a cute place to store any money he accumulates, but it is also a memento too. 

A New Feeding Set

As little ones grow, you can slowly collect more feeding equipment for them to use and this range from Oxo Tot is just so practical. Coming in all matching colours, we have the divided feeding dish, the sippy cup set and the fork and spoon set.

I personally love the divided feeding dish as not only is it the perfect size for Joseph and what he eats, because if we are out and about, I don't have to fuss about packing 2 different bowls for his savoury and sweet dishes.

The Oxo Tot Divided Feeding Dish securely holds 2 different foods in the same bowl without mixing together. Coming with a lid for travelling and has a non-slip base and grips well to any surface too.

The Oxo Tot Sippy Cup Set grows with your child from age 6 months and up. It has a leak-proof valve which prevents spills and releases pressure for comfortable sipping. The sippy cup holds 200ml and has little handles which are perfect for a first cup when transitioning from bottles.

The non-slip handles are also angled so babies don’t have to turn their wrists too far and they are removable for when baby's grasp develops so much that they don't need the handles any more.

When your baby transitions from a sippy to regular cup you can remove the Sippy Cup lid and replace it with the Oxo Tot Training Cup lid which controls the flow of liquid.

If the training cup tips over, it will spill gradually to minimise messes during the learning process. What's more, all Oxo Tot Sippy, Straw and Training Cup lids are interchangeable.

Then we come to the Oxo Tot Fork and Spoon. These are perfect for your little one when they are learning to feed themselves from 12 months old. The generous sized handles have soft, non-slip grips and make scooping up food so easy for little ones.

The flat back also means that they cannot roll off the highchair or any surfaces they are on. Joseph has used his for a few weeks now and is enjoying holding them himself and getting used to how to hold and use his own cutlery.

If you want to head straight to using open cups, the Babycup is a perfect size one for your baby. These amazing little cups are intended for use from weaning.

Dentists recommend that babies should move away from a teat by 12 months old so open cup sipping is the recommended route in order to help tooth development and oral hygiene.

The Babycup is just the right size for small hands and means that if spilt, not much is to be cleaned up. Your baby can get used to the correct motion of drinking for themselves. Plus, being able to sip from a mini open cup is terrific for motor skill development too. 

It's safe to say that when your baby gets a little older, you need eyes in the back of your head. And this isn't only when they are in the living room playing either. Joseph has taken to waking in the night and crawling around his cot to see if there's any mischief he can get up to.

Enter the Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor. This super practical monitor from Motorola is a HD WiFi connected video baby monitor which boasts a 3.5-inch colour LCD parent unit which will live stream video from the camera in the baby’s room to the parent unit or to a phone or tablet device which has the high-tech Hubble App installed. Great for when daddy's working away and wants to say night night to the little one.

You can remotely control video unit easily from the parent unit to make it tilt and zoom in, giving a 300 degree view of the room, with infrared night vision so you can always see your baby, even in the dark.

The MBP853 Connect also monitors the rooms temperature, has a lullaby player and two-way communication via a high sensitivity microphone. It is the perfect monitor for your baby's room as you can do everything from the comfort of the parent unit.  

Pram Storage
So, when pushing a pram around, there is never much space to store everything, one thing that takes up room is baby wipes. These are obviously needed for nappy changes and spills but they are usually hard to find when hiding in your changing bag.

That's where Huggies Style on the Go come in. These are the new way from Huggies to store baby wipes. Not only are they the most stylish way to keep wipes to hand, but they are practical too as they have a handy strap which can clip to your pushchair or bag for easy use when needed. 

Coming in 3 beautiful designs, the Style On The Go refills are made with natural, absorbent fibres, free from perfume, alcohol and parabens for gentle cleaning on the go. What's more, they are refillable too.

If you're like me and you need more storage though, then the Choopie CityStroll2 from Baby&More may be for you. This is the only stroller organiser you will ever need as it gives a space for everything you will need whilst out and about.

This practical product has a large pocket, insulated bottle holder, baby wipes dispenser, large zipper pocket, mobile phone pocket and a place to store your hot drinks. It even doubles as a shoulder bag so you always have all your baby essentials to hand.

Easily adjustable to fit any sized stroller, the CityStroll2 is made from waterproof nylon and is machine washable. I love the fact that I can now store my items close to me and ave easy access to everything. 

Also from Choopie  are these fab CityMitts which are perfect for the cold weather. If you're currently a pram pusher, you will know just how cold your hands get when holding the handles, even worse when it's raining.

The CityMitts keep hands warm and dry when pushing buggies in cold, wet weather with elastic around wrist area keeps mitts snug against skin to keep warmth inside. They fit all stroller handle bars and feature a plush lining inside a waterproof and windproof nylon outer fabric.

I think they are fab for mums, and dads, on the go as you stil get the full grip and security of being able to hold the pram handle but have the protection and warmth of the thick waterproof CityMitts.

Nappy Changes

If you want to be even more space saving, then the Nappy Grab Bag by Becky Mantin are a great choice. Inside each pack is everything you need for a single nappy change. one Naty nappy (in your babies size), four Jackson Reece organic baby wipes and one sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream.

What I love is that the pack unfolds to reveal a hygienic, biodegradable changing surface with integrated dirties pouch, which can then be rolled up and sealed with the pull off adhesive strip for disposal. The Nappy Grab Bags are perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag so you now don't need that bulky changing kit!

And there we have it, my list of items that are perfect for the little one in your life and will just make everything that little bit easier...


  1. Those wafers look unusual but appetising, weren't about when my children were babies.

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    I also love the buggy storage idea, I think as your baby turns one you need to have more handy than you do when they are a baby!

    Leah x

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