25 February 2016

My Love Of Colour In The Home

When it comes to decorating our house, I do love a bit of everything, modern and traditional. You could say that even though I do like to mix things up, I am a hard person to work with when it comes to my house as I am not only so picky with what I do like but I am so changeable also. One day I could want modern, and then next, traditional. I find it hard to stick with one certain look for too long and am already looking at new styles for our livingroom, even though it was only redone last year. 

So I've been looking around for inspiration of how to next design our front room and came across a post on Home and Horizon about interior design trends for 2016 which is talking about the new trends for this year and what will be big on the design front. 

New trends come and go all the time, from colour choices, to style, furniture and lighting. Of course, traditional styles will always work throughout the home and have longevity because they embrace the basic form and function needed in a home, whereas modern styles come and go as they only reflect the current mood in society itself. 

It's a minefield of trying to work out what looks good, fits with your lifestyle and will follow trends of this year. So Baytree Interiors, interior design specialists have set the way for 2016 with their take on what design trends  are set to be big this year. 

When it comes to choosing the colour, they say that we should be keeping it simple for the majority of the room and add a touch of bright colour to accentuate key areas. This means that the bright colour can be changed more often without the whole room needing to be redone. 

Me personally, I hate white and magnolia rooms. I find them bland and boring. I also dislike the new monochrome trend that everyone seems to be following at the moment. Obviously people have different tastes and that's their choice, but I prefer to show off my colourful personality and give a room some life. 

For furniture, I will always pick traditional and much prefer solid pine and oak units rather than the glossy look. Apparently, this year will see the rise of a wide range of bright and colourful furniture ranges to give a contrasting look to your home. With mixing colour being a big trend this year and also the current run of upscaling is still going to be big as people look to repurpose instead of buying new.

With the thoughts on mixing style together, mid-century traditional furniture designs are set to be coupled with industrial fixtures and fittings to create a minimalist theme. I actually quite like this idea, having some old pieces of solid oak furniture and setting them off with metal framework bookshelves and polished metal lighting. I think it will work quite well together. 

Lighting is everything when you are trying to portray a certain mood and this is set to come in to play this year as filament bulbs provide a warm glow with a vintage look with pedants and chandeliers showing the mood of the room.

I have quite liked reading about the upcoming trends for 2016 and it has certainly given me some food for thought. All I know is that I will still be sticking with bold colours to show off my personal style preference. Now just to work out where tp go from there!


  1. Interesting post. Everyone likes different colours in the home, I am a huge fan of greys! I admire people who can decorate their rooms brightly!

    Gemma xx

  2. I am also a fan of greys but I have recently bought some mid green paint for one room which will be a first for me. I don't feel I have the eye for bold colours and repainting is such a chore. Thanks for the interesting article.

  3. I love grey teamed with splashes of bright colour and I don't get the whole monochrome thing either... I wrote about it in a recent post about how I'm never going to be an Instagram sensation! Good luck finding your dream designs!xx

  4. I don't get the whole monochrome thing. I think it looks nice in pictures but i actual reality? Not sure... I'm not that brave with colour though either! :(

  5. I'm loving grey. I think I'm going to decorate our living room in grey with either mustard or mint... I'm not sure yet! My son's room is in grey and I find it so peaceful! xxx

  6. I like a pop of colour here and there - at the moment we've just accented our beige/cream living room with yellow and greens and floral touches. H :)

  7. Tim definitely a colour person, I have bright yellow kitchen! I do have to reign it in though with very neutral units and oak work tops so that it's not all too full on. I like the monochrome look but could never pull it off.

  8. I love bright colours, we chose a rainbow theme in out daughters room, it looks great

  9. I'm sorry to say that I'm a fan of the monochrome trend and our little boys new bedroom is going to be mostly monochrome with a few pops of colour. Each to their own.

    Laura x

  10. I'm like you and prefer and love oak and pine units over glossy looking units, not a fan of monochrome here either.

  11. Interesting read, Personally I'm not a trend follower, I like what I like and I just go with it. xx