1 February 2016

Gift Ideas For Babies First Birthday

When your baby turns one, it is the most amazing thing ever. Not only do you get to celebrate that your child has finally hit a birthday milestone, but you also get all these memories flooding back of what you were doing exactly a year ago. You will probably write all over social media about 'this time last year I was getting contractions, just about to meet my baby', type statuses.

Looking for inspiration for gifts and really struggling with what to get a 1 year old. Yes, a one year old. Your baby will be turning one, how quick did that go! So today, I am showing you what I, as a mum of three, would recommend as gifts for baby's first birthday.

Personalised Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys as they last so much longer than plastic. Not only that but you can get some gorgeous personalised ones from Getting Personal which are great for little ones but can also be kept in a memory box for when they're older. Their own little toys, made just for them.

Joseph adores this Personalised Wooden Push Along Toy which is in the monkey design. This is a beautiful, hand painted wooden toy that will help new walkers to keep the balance. The colourful characters all have wooden beads that clang against the wheels as they move, encouraging your little one to take their first steps as they follow after them.

The stick can be personalised with up to 12 characters, I opted for Joseph's name, so that this gift truly is, made for them.

I also adore this Engraved Wooden Rattle which has a teddy bear design. The cute teddy bear  is mounted on elastic with a featured bell and colourful beads, to keep little one entertained. The rattle is safe to use as a teething ring as vegetable oils have been used for colourings.

Again, this beautiful toy can be personalised at the top with up to 24 letters and at the bottom with also another 24 letters. I chose not to personalise this but instead to opt for a cute rhyme, 'round and round the garden, like a teddy bear', which fits with the design.

Toys, Toys, Toys
It's an obvious one but a great present is toys for the little one. Finding a gift that is suitable though is key. Baby toys are even better if they are aimed towards fun but also learning.

Such as the VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker which supports babies first steps and also introduces numbers, shapes, animals and colours through fun activities and music. The walker helps little ones keep sturdy whilst walking and giving them the confidence to eventually walk unaided. The activity panel can be removed from the walker for extra sit-down play also.

I'm also a lover of the VTech Baby Tiny Touch Phone as it's no secret that babies live mobile phones and now they have their very own. The rotating light-up screen introduces numbers, colours and shapes and features lots of melodies, fun phrases and sound effects to go with it.

Off Your Rocker
This is one of the top reasons why I cannot wait till Joseph's birthday, to see his face when he gets to ride on his little rocking horse. They are an ideal 1st birthday gift and I adore this Doodle and Crumb Infant Rocker from Born Gifted.

The exclusive red fabric was designed by Rosalind Maroney and the rocker is complete with tactile faux suede mane and tail and a sturdy wooden frame. Doodle carries his little bean-filled toy horse, Crumb with him in his pocket.

Fabulous Soft Soled Footwear
It's no secret that I always advocate the use of soft soled shoes when children are young. Inch Blue make shoes which are soft and comfortable for little ones and also, the fact they they aren't a hard sole means that they don't affect the way a babies foot moves and they allow little feet to breathe too.

The people behind Inch Blue have also launched a new eco-leather brand called Wolfie + Willow which make beautiful handmade (in Wales), vegetable tanned, leather moccasins. Wolfie + Willow moccasins are beautifully crafted, soft structured shoes ideal for babies and little ones.

Arriving in an environmentally friendly shoebox and these ethical and stylish shoes grow more beautiful as the leather patinas naturally through wear. Going from 0-6 years, these beautiful moccasins come in various different colours, I opted for the colour Peacock for Joseph, and are perfect for him to wear whilst learning how to walk and to feel the ground beneath his little feet.

Gifts To Treasure
I always love little plate gift sets as they can be kept as a treasure for when your child is older, and can even be passed down through the generations. Urbanmummy have this gorgeous Teddy Plate & Mug set which I adore.

Made from Limoges porcelain, the set features a silver teddy bear in the middle as well as on the edging of the plate and on the handles of the mug. The mug is double handed so is perfect for little ones who need that extra stability when holding a drink.

As you can see, there are a great range of gifts to choose from for the littlest one in your life. Whether you go for a toy or trinket, make sure it's special for their very first birthday. 


  1. Such cute bithday gift ideas. We love wooden toys and Blake has the Vtech walker and loves it! The shoes look fab didn't know inch blue had a new company too.

  2. Can't beat a rocker for a first birthday or Christmas! We still have our last one, so I'll need to think of something different this time round!

  3. Love the personalised wooden toys. The rocking horse is also a fab idea, we got Rosalie one for her first birthday and she absolutely loves it! Xx

  4. LOVE wooden toys, they last so long and are so beautiful made. My little Man has that walker and he loves it its fab and also not to expensive. x

  5. What a cute list. We went a bit overboard when she was 1 but all she wanted was the balloons and wrapping paper. I love wooden toys too. The rocking horse is a good gift idea x

  6. Great round up - I love wooden toys. Pickle had that baby walker and loved it! Kaz x

  7. Great ideas, we love wooden toys even now, at 6. Keepsakes are also something I would choose, as they can have them when they grow older and even pass them onto their own children.xx

  8. What lovely gifts.I really like the rocking horse.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Great gift ideas I love wooden toys too the push along with his name on is awesome!

  10. Some really lovely ideas. I love that wooden toys are more popular lately.

  11. Lovely ideas, my daughter turns 1 this Easter. Having 2 kids already who have handed down their toys it's really hard

  12. First Birthday is an important stage. Wonderful that little one has reached this age, and is now likely to start becoming more independent by becoming vocal and mobile. At time when we often look forward to their toddler hood. Yet it is a very active time for parent as well as child. As child more active, parent needs to be alert and forward planning in regards to health and safety. As child explores, parent etc need to be ready to do some risk assessments and provide safe, secure areas for the little one to be enabled to explore safely. A time when Grans, Aunts, Uncles etc can assist with providing outings to park, nursery, toddler groups, appropriate aged toys etc.

    Rachel Craig

  13. I think it's great to think about getting quality wooden toys that can be put in a memory box, babies end up with so much from friends and family that it can make it difficult to buy for them

  14. Ah I remember my children having the VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker - was one of their favourite toys!