24 December 2015

The Quest For The Perfect Bed

Seeing as the New Year provides all of us with the perfect opportunity to give our homes a proper makeover, I thought that I would investigate the options of treating myself to a brand new bed.

It's strange that although we spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, we often don't treat beds with the seriousness that they deserve. But seeing as January is the month when many furniture retailers advertise their latest offers, I thought I'd get ahead of the rush and do a little research!

Those familiar with my blog will have already seen my efforts in trying to find my little one a decent bed rail, and whilst this revealed a bewildering array of shapes and sizes, it seems that the range of beds is no less confusing!

The introduction of many European furniture manufacturers into the marketplace brought a great deal of confusion over the many different bed sizes. But this Guardian article shows that there has been a degree of standardisation in the UK bed industry that should help all of us find our perfect bed.

The main thing to realise is that it's always good to aim for a bed size slightly larger than you'd expect. For kids it's a good idea to make sure that they can get something that they can grow into. And if you're anything like me, the problem of being a light sleeper means that getting at least a king-size bed is definitely a good bet to stop you being woken up by your significant other!

The choice of mattress can also do much to affect the quality of your sleep. I've been doing a little bit of research on memory-foam mattresses which seems to suggest that these can help quality of sleep in that if your partner moves around a lot, then you 'should' be able to doze through the night relatively unaffected.

As quality memory-foam mattresses can be relatively expensive, the New Year can be a really good time to pick up a quick bargain, particularly when Bedstar's latest discount offers seem to suggest that it could be easier than ever to afford a good night's sleep in 2016!

Environmental concerns are also massively important when considering a new item of furniture. Not only is it important to ensure that any old bed is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner such as offered through Bedstar's handy removal and recycle service, but I like to make sure that any wooden furniture is made from renewable sources as the last thing that we want to leave to future generations is the legacy of long-lasting environmental harm.


  1. I have a double just for myself hehe!!!

  2. We have a nice big king size. But N has a rubbish ancient single bed. But the width is weird because it's too wide for single bed sheets. I want to get him a cabin/mid sleeper, but the OH doesn't see the point with the bed he has. But it's a horrendous divan bed, with 70s flowers on the bottom divan bit. Hideous

  3. Would love a memory foam mattress. I have so many ideas in my head for my future home, and a glorious bed is very high on that list xx

  4. I need a bigger bed, we have 3 kids. When they all want to get in and watch cartoons it's not great

  5. I have a real problem with sleeping and it doesn't help with a partner who snores and pinches all of the duvet! I've now got my own blanket so that I don't wake up shivering! My partner also changed my mattress for a memory-foam one, he thought he was being really nice, but I hate it because I really like a very firm bed! I think if you're a couple you'll never win because of your preferences!

  6. I really need a new mattress, mine is awful you im saving up for a lovely memory foam one x