6 December 2015

Pampers Baby-Dry Pants

When you're changing a nappy, it's pretty standard really. Take off old nappy, clean with some wipes and then place on some nappy rash cream if needed. Put on the new nappy and gently pull the tabs until they hold the nappy on securely. Easy peasy... 

Until your baby starts moving...

Have you ever tried putting a nappy on a wriggly baby? Well, if you have children then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You get one tab fastened on to the nappy and then your baby starts escaping before you have chance to do the second, knocking the nappy out of place, making you start over. 

It's hard work trying to keep a squirming baby still whilst attempting to do their nappy. A toy, a phone, a chocolate bar! Anything to try and keep them occupied whilst you put the damn thing on. And this happens at every nappy change without fail.

Joseph is at this stage now. Nappy time is a nightmare. I am constantly trying to keep him still whilst doing his nappy and it's getting to the point where I sometimes give up and let him roam around bare bottomed.

That is until he turns to look at me with that cheeky squint in his eyes. An almost, 'you know what I'm going to do' and then he proceeds to pee all over the floor. That's when a fight ensues to get a nappy back on to him!

So when Pampers asked if I would like to trial their brand new, Pampers Baby-Dry Pants, I had to say yes, to see if they would help with the nappy change woes. 

Pampers Baby-Dry Pants are much like normal nappies but, instead of the tabs which fasten the nappy together, they have stretchy sides which means that you can pull them up, like pants, with ease. No more fighting a wriggly baby to get tabs fastened.

The pants fit Joseph nicely in size 4 and hold snuggly around his legs and waist with an all around stretch which I took as a good sign that nothing would be leaking out any time soon. It also put my mid at ease when daddy did the nappy change as he always seems to not fasten them tight enough so Joseph ends up with a saggy nappy. At least with the pants he had no excuse not to do it right!

Pampers say that the Baby-Dry Pants offer 12 hours of dryness so I decided to put them to the test with an overnight stint and since they have an extra sleep-layer, they should be fine for night use. Joseph is still a bottle lover and so does wake in the night for milk. This means that he will either wake in the morning with a very full nappy or will leak and need changing. 

So off to bed Joseph went with his Pampers Baby-Dry Pants on. Waking once in the night for a milk-fix and at this point I checked to see how the pants felt. So far so good. No leakages and it didn't seem too full at all. By morning the pants were full, totally full. I was expecting to feel a bit of dampness from it but there wasn't.

The Pampers Baby-Dry Pants had held their own. Yes, they were proper bulging full of wee from the night but they hadn't leaked at all. I then pulled the sides and was amazed at how dry his skin was. The pants had soaked up all of the wetness and kept his skin nice and dry which is great as I was expecting a wet, soggy baby. 

After a good few days trialling the Pampers Baby-Dry Pants, I am thoroughly happy with them. Not only do they save me from the nappy change fight with Joseph, but they also keep him dry, day and night and make nappy changes a breeze. 

I can also let Joseph roam around with just them on without worrying about him pulling them off at all. And they seem more comfortable than nappies as they stretch with Joseph as he moves and crawls around. 

Overall, I am really impressed with them. I always assumed that pants were for the potty training stage but now I am wondering why these hadn't been thought of sooner. They are a genius idea that means there are no more stressful nappy changes. 

What about you. Have you tried Pampers Baby-Dry Pants on your little one yet?


  1. although my children are well out of nappies this was an interesting read! I definitely pass on the info to my sister who had a baby a few months back! thanks :) http://www.thewittfamily.co.uk

  2. This was good to read as I always assumed these type of products were for potty training age. We always used pampers at night as no other nappy was as good to keep the boys dry. Now with baby number 3 arriving shortly I'm stocking up on pampers once again.

  3. Oh too cute little smiler in deed. Such a happy baby and adorable captures. We loved pampers. #love2blog

  4. These sound great. We use cloth nappies but use disposables occasionally so will look out for thee to try.

  5. I'm a mum of three yet I've somehow forgot about the pant style nappy for my youngest. Off I go to buy some to make changing simpler.

  6. We are nappy free at last! Yay! I did find Pampers the best for night times though. Kaz x

  7. We've never got on with disposable nappies, I find cloth so much kinder so their skin and more effective. There's also no poo-namis with real nappies like you get with disposables! I do hope that the pants style come to the reusable nappies market eventually though - although we won't ever have to buy any more nappies now so we're happy with our little routine.x

  8. Amelia thankfully does stay still for nappy changes but she really hates laying in changing stations in toilets or swimming or anything like that so we have some of these for when we are out as it means she doesn't have to lay down. She's really quite scared of the changing tables bless her. Glad you've got on well with them always got to find things to help us mums out. Xx

  9. Nappy changes are always a battle in our house. Jasmine hates laying down to have her nappy changed so I may have to give these pants a go. I've always wondered why you couldn't get non-potty training pull-ups for babies.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  10. ah how adorable. We were giving the same pack to review too. They're really good aren't they. x

  11. I hadn't heard of these before but I need to get some! My son fights every nappy change and is constantly managing to pull his nappy off. I am going to get some, thanks for bringing them to my attention! x

  12. I didn't even know these existed! I knew about pull ups for potty training but not as actual nappies! They sound great. It is annoying when J wriggles about when I'm changing him

  13. I've been wondering about these style of nappies for awhile. Rowan is 17 months old and is a complete nightmare to change so I think I'll start giving these a go in between the times he's in cloth nappies.x