5 December 2015

Little Tikes: Lil' Ocean Explorers

When it comes to buying toys for babies you want ones that are engaging and will keep your baby entertained whilst also helping their learning. I always like to get musical toys as I find that babies do like them more, and if they move then that's even better. 

Little Tikes has been a brand that we have collected throughout all our children's lives and love because they have a bit of everything, fun, music, lights and have an educational edge that will help children to learn or help babies with coordination and motor skills.

The Lil' Ocean Explorers range from Little Tikes is super cute and includes the likes of creatures that inhibit the ocean, all in toy form. Joseph has been sent out 2 toys from the range to see just how he likes them, the Catch Me Crabbie and the Crawl ‘n Pop! Turtle.

Catch Me Crabbie is a fun interactive little toy that aims to get little ones moving. In keeping with the fact that crabs shuffle sideways, this cute crabbie moves to the side, snipping his claws as he goes, moving to a sweet little tune. 

You just press the top of his head to get him started but that's not the end of it as the Catch Me Crabbie motion sensor inside so when your baby approaches, off he toddles, clapping his claws, ready for a chase from your little one.

Joseph thinks the little crab is amazing and chases it everywhere around the room. I think it's ingenious as, not only does the crab move around, but it changes direct mid shuffle and you never know which way it'll go so Joseph gets to have fun following it around. And once Joseph does meet the crab, the motion sensor kicks in and off the crab toddles once again. 

Who doesn't love turtles an with this Crawl ‘n Pop! Turtle from Little Tikes, Joseph gets to play with his very own. The Crawl ‘n Pop! Turtle is a sweet little creature with a smile on his face, shapes on his shell and a little button, right at the top which is what makes him come alive. 

I'd say that this is more educational as the turtle will help little ones to learn about shapes and colours as they match and place the shapes into the turtles shell in the right places. Then, when you press the button on his back, off the turtle wonders, playing music as he goes encouraging your baby to crawl after it. And when he stops, pop! all the shapes are thrown out, ready to start the shape sorting again. 

I made the short video above to show you them in use. Joseph enjoys playing with the shapes and although he's a little young to be able to organise the shapes on the Crawl ‘n Pop! Turtle, he does love following it along the floor and laughs as the blocks pop out.

The Catch Me Crabbie is a favourite of Joseph's to play with and he loves chasing it around the room trying to catch it to have a nibble on its claws. I can imagine these little friends will be a great way for Joseph to eventually start learning his colours and shapes and it's good to see him interacting so much with these toys.

Both the Catch Me Crabbie and Crawl ‘n Pop! Turtle are a small sample of what is available in the Lil' Ocean Explorers range. Check out the Little Tikes website to see what other sea creatures there are to play with. 


  1. Oh wow my little boy would love these! They are brilliant!

  2. Love these! I love it when a review comes with a video especially a toy. Makes me want it more lol
    Great review hun & Joseph is the cutest <3 x

  3. Love these Blake would live the turtle

  4. I've seen these on the telly. They look so cute actually.

  5. Great toys, really colourful and super fun as well as educational. Your son is cute too!

  6. These toys are so cute and colourful!

  7. I know my little girl Poppy would love this. We are always looking for sensory toys for her. x