18 December 2015

KidzInMind App Review

With the technological age we live in, it's inevitable that children will want to use our smartphones and tablets for their own uses also. The boys have a tablet which they use every now and then and enjoy playing on my phone although I am very aware of the dangers of them using such things and so try to let them use only certain parts of my phone to keep them safe from the big world of bad websites and apps. 

KidzInMind is a new app which is designed specifically for children by parents which guarantees that any part selected through KidzInMind is free from advertising, hidden payments and has been created for educational purposes. This is an app that is fun and engaging for children but has all safe practices in place to give us parents peace of mind when it comes to children using technology. 

KidzInMind is an award-winning app, receiving the kidSAFE Seal, Mom's Choice Award and was nominated Best Mobile App for Children and Toddlers in 2014, featuring a carefully curated selection of apps for preschool kids aged 2-6 years old that are safe, secure and most importantly educational. 

What's more, with the built in parental control timer, I can decide just how long it will allow the boys to play the app for. You also have the bonus of being able to turn off the internet, and turn off access to other apps, so I know that my children wont be accessing anything else whilst playing the KidzInMind app.

Each app from KidzInmind is evaluated and fully vetted before it is featured, working closely with experts in paediatrics, nutrition and education, ensuring its content is educational and fun. Featuring apps that include nutritional, handwriting, brushing your teeth correctly and much more. Over 40 apps to choose from with more being added each week!

Thomas and Charlie have so far been loving the KidzInMind app, the drawing app is super cute and a favourite of Thomas', featuring a paint brush with a choice of colours and a rubber for any mistakes. Charlie loves the alphabet feature and it does seem to be helping with recognising bigger words using images. Each letter has a choice of different words, from smaller ones to harder, longer words such as 'alligator' to help children learn longer, more complex words. 

Certain parts of the app are locked from children gaining access to them. For these to be opened, a simple sum needs to be answered. I think this is a great idea as, although the app is child friendly, the lock screen allows you to see what your child is clicking and also gets older ones enjoying sums as they answer the question to open up more parts of the app.

I was shocked to hear that in a recent GPEN report on children’s privacy online, the results showed that nearly 60% of websites and apps redirect children away from the site or app, meaning there is a greater chance of discovering inappropriate content. With KidzInMind, there is no chance of this happening as it is fully secure for children to play and learn. 

With Christmas nearly upon us and children asking for tablets and such, KidzInMind is a great app to have as it means that they can play and learn whilst us parents know that they are safe with no chance of seeing anything they shouldn't.

The new iOS and Android app offers parents peace of mind with age appropriate and approved educational apps, videos and games for kids. The app is subscription-based and after the first week, which is free, KidzInMind is priced a 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features. Parents can pay £2.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls.

For more information or to download the app, visit the KidzInMind website or search for it in the App Store/Google Play Store. You can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter


  1. This sounds such a great idea, my daughter is forever clicking off apps (mainly by accident) so something which stops her stumbling onto something inappropriate is great. The games sound fun too.

  2. Its the advertising that gets to me, we get interrupted mid app we are playing (and I generally play with him) and taken to the iTunes store to upgrade further. This looks great!

  3. I like the idea of having to enter the answer to the sum before they can go further x

  4. This sounds like a fab app. Blake is only one but he keeps going for my tablet and mobile so I know it won't be too long unit l he wants to go on it.

  5. Ooh, Oscar loves playing on my iPad now and then. We have quite a few children's apps on there but I've never seen this one before. Will have to download and give it a try :)

    Louise x

  6. I love apps that are both educational and fun for children. It makes learning far more useful in practical situations.

  7. This sounds really good. My children are a bit too young for phone and tablets at the moment, but I'm sure this is going to be useful in the not-so-distant future.