2 December 2015

Getting Over My Lack Of Sleep

I'm not a great sleeper. Never have been. The only thing that helps me sleep at the moment is having a fan on and that gentle noise will eventually help me drift off, oh and having total pitch blackness. I mean, it doesn't work wonders but now I eventually fall to sleep after and hour or so of scrolling Facebook and even writing this here post whilst browsing on my phone. 

It didn't used to be that way though. Only a few years back I was suffering with insomnia, many nights I'd go to bed at 11pm and still be awake at 2...3...4oclock in the morning. Shattered and annoyed that I was just absolutely so tired but my brain wouldn't switch off. 

Now I know that they say take it as a compliment as brainy people are the ones who struggle to switch off and sleep of an evening, but my gosh, what I'd have given to lose a few IQ points to gain a few extra zzz's. 

Not all of us can sleep like a baby!
Many nights I'd spend thinking about life in general. The things I'd gone through. Good and bad. What I should have done differently, said differently. Quips that I should have used to win the argument and kicking myself that I didn't think of that at the time. 

Then I'd get so bored that I'd have a jaunt over to Facebook. Well, if I wasn't able to sleep, seeing a funny meme or joke might at least keep my spirits high. Whilst there casually posting how I couldn't sleep, as you do, and then recoiling in horror as some smart arse replies 'well that's because you're in Facebook'. Like I hadn't spent the last 4 hours trying to sleep, and failing, to then have someone being sarcastic thinking they're being funny. You're not. You just annoy me.

That was life, never getting enough sleep, and usually being woken up by a baby for feed time just as my eyes closed. It was hard, very hard, but I got through it, as we all do when it comes to things like this. 

Now I've got myself in to somewhat of a routine with my sleep pattern, albeit a little shaky when Joseph is ill or teething, but I'm starting to sleep more on a night than usual. This was after I worked out 2 things, that I cannot sleep if there is any sort of light shining, be it from the sky or a bulb, and that a gentle noise can work wonders.

So I've got a plan of action to help me create somewhere that will give me hours of sleep. First of all, a small fan that will give a slight noise, this may falter in the cold winter months though but I've been looking at some white noise makers which look quite good. Then some VELUX Blinds, in dark purple to match the d├ęcor obviously, which will serve as blackout blinds from any outside sources. Some lavender sleep spray as isn't that supposed to help? Eck' if lavender works then I'll get a whole bush of the stuff put in my bedroom!

I'm hoping these techniques will work in helping me get more sleep on a night, not least because they are evoking most of my senses, stopping my sight, giving me a light noise to listen to which drowns out and other outside things, and the lavender scent which gives a gentle mist.

I am hoping that all will go well and will keep you all updated, but in the meantime, what sort of things do you use to help you sleep? Do you have any tips?


  1. I take ages to settleand go to sleep I always end up having things going around my head and even sometimes come up with blog post ideas.

  2. I've had similar comments and its like so rude and annoying. Also people seem to think i waste my time on facebook when in reality i'm working and engaging but it is frustrating at times! I think blackout blinds are great but then my hubby usually sits there on the ipad and it drives me bonkers. Lavendar is soothing so that could help. Good luck!

  3. I need some new blackout blinds and they are brilliant and really do help with sending me off to sleep, odd though it sounds, but I hate light seeping through the curtains x

  4. I am so tired that I fall asleep in a heartbeat. We do have black out blinds in Baby's room to help her, but she doesn't usually need them either. Hope you get some more sleep! x

  5. Oh must have been horrid, I suffer a little with pregnancy insomnia but not to the extent you have by the sounds of things :(. Yoga can help me, I use to actually fall asleep in the classes sometimes, although I wasn't alone so not too embarrassing thankfully! x

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I don't sleep well at all, as well speak it is nearly two in the morning and I still have not switched off. In fact I am lucky to have four hours a night. I like the sound of your plan and fingers crossed that it works.

  7. We used to have a fan on going to sleep when we lived on a main road - really helped drown out any background noise! Black out blinds are great especially in the summer months. Hope your new techniques work :) p.s. I love that stroller! x