12 December 2015

Christmas Presents: The 5 Stages of Grief

When you're a child, Christmas is a magical time. You write your letter to Santa, dream about all those toys that you have asked for, and tell all your friends just how great Santa is because he is going to get you everything you wished for. 

And then Christmas arrives. You peel back the wrapping paper on a present that looks like that Spice Girls album you have been talking about none stop for the past few months, only to realise that your nana has actually told Santa to get you a Christmas songs album instead. 

Then it hits, the 5 stages of not getting what you want for Christmas...

Firstly comes the denial. Surely this is a mistake. Who gets a Christmas album for a child?, I bet if I look through the rest of my presents, there will be a Spice Girls album in there somewhere. Yes, that present over there. What.. no CD... how can that be?!

Then of course you feel guilty. Guilty about moaning at Christmas, about that present you really wanted. But that makes you even more angry because you realise that you're feeling guilty about not getting that one thing you wanted, that you'd told everyone about, how did they not take the hint.

And that's where the next stage comes in. Realising that you need to figure out a way to get what you want. Maybe drop bigger hints. Talk about how you'd been waiting for it, would someone feel sorry for you and get it? But of course that doesn't happen, so you just end up sad at the thought of not getting that damn Spice Girls CD, that you really, really wanted. 

Acceptance is the last stage. Eventually learning that you will not always get your own way and that you are lucky to have got what you did, even if you acted a little a lot spoilt at first, it's Christmas, a time to be happy and spend time with family.

And there's always your birthday right?...

Come on, admit it, we've all been there, thought that at some point. And as you can see by this infographic by Slotfruit, it's not just me that went through the 5 stages of grief. 


  1. Ha, I think we're all had presents like these! Definitely takes the fun out to ask for cash/vouchers but often a lot safer :)

  2. Do you know, I am not sure I have ever had a gift that has made me feel like this x

  3. I 'might' have gotten a second coffee maker that I didn't need still in the plastic bag last year from my husband that made me feel a bit like this ;)

  4. Ha ha this made me chuckle!! I am certain I can relate to something similar when I was a child. I am hopeful that Monkey will get from santa what he has asked for...assuming he doesn't change his mind last minute of course! xx

  5. Awww I remember as a child wondering why Santa brought me something completely different to what I actually wanted. I couldn't understand!

  6. Yep been there done that, probably still does that lol.
    Many a time I have requested for something all year round only to be given complete opposite or none at all. lol

  7. Ha - I still get like this. Then I have to give myself a bit of a mental slap and be thankful because it IS the thought that counts!

  8. HAHAHAHAH I loved this post! This is so true! Unfortunately my family doesn't have that much of a tradition during Christmas, it's quite sad but mostly we get money inside an envelop to buy whatever we want.