24 November 2015

Whisbear: The Humming Bear

I always think that getting to sleep is the hardest part of the night time routine, not forgetting the 4am wake up of course, as it's something that you usually can't change. If you can't sleep, you can't sleep, it's that simple. I find that babies struggle with this even more as they're not used to a routine whereby they have to try and get to sleep, usually opting for falling to sleep where ever their head lands. 

I was lucky at first as Joseph was a great sleeper to start with, that was until he started teething. I think once the pain come, he was kind of frightened to sleep as he understood that this was time time that he pain was more prominent. 

So when Whisbear got in touch telling me about a new bear on the market that will help babies to drift off to sleep, I just had to try it out. When it arrived in a beautiful soft, velour bag, I peered inside to find this miracle product. Inside was a super cute bear and a device which makes the magic happen. 

Whisbear makes it possible for you to soothe your baby easily. The shushing device emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from their foetal life, which soothes your baby into a deep sleep. 

The Whisbear operates for 40 minutes before gently fading off and in this time your baby should drift off. In the unfortunate event that your baby does wake in the night, the CRYsensor recognizes the cry of your awakening baby and will immediately respond with the calming sound for an additional 20 minutes before entering its standby mode. 

Not only is it said to be a perfect sleep aid but it is a sensory stimulation toy too as it has rustling ears and paws as well as long legs, sewn from colourful and contrasting fabrics to provide your baby with a lot of entertainment. The legs also are magnetic so can fasten around the cot frame and also to a pram handle, changing bag or a car seat for use whilst out and about. 

Joseph has taken to it like a duck to water, loving the sound that it emits and cuddling the Whisbear to sleep on an evening. I love the design and Joseph loves playing with it during the day which I think also helps with the settling at night as it is something that he can associate with.

The device does a great job of soothing Joseph and he does settle with it, not always sleeping but it does calm him down which is also great. I like the CRYsensor as it has helped to get rid of his 1am wake up by easing him back off to sleep without me having to feed him. 

It has been great trying the Whisbear with Joseph and I think that it has helped immensely with settling him down for sleep on a night, making him drift off to sleep and the white noise is soothing to him and then also does help when he wakes during the night. 

For more information, pop over to the Whisbear website.


  1. Sounds like a great sleep aid. Is it anything like the grow Hush but in toy form?

  2. oh my, I could have done with this when my toddler was a baby, white noise was so settling for him.

  3. Your baby is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen that smile just makes me melt! I like the bear and how it acts as a sleep aid. Practical and cute!

  4. What a good idea. And it's a fab design too, so cute - and so's your little one :)

  5. We had a similar gadget for Archie and it really did work well for him while he was younger. It great to have something to help with their nighttime routine even if it is the familiarity of the toy and sounds. x

  6. This sounds perfect! Joseph is adorable by the way! What a cutie! I wish I had known about this when my kiddies were babies. All three of them went through not sleeping phases & having sensor activate the soothing sounds would be ideal!

  7. This is amazing! The fact that it has a sensor on it and will start again is genius! We used the sheep with Monkey and it worked wondered but didn't have the sensor. Beautiful pictures of your little one too xx

  8. That's great that it worked on Joe. Absolutely nothing worked on mine. It sounds like the sensor makes all the difference though which I've never seen before. FYI his red onesie is adorable!

  9. I haven't heard of this product but it sounds amazing. What a great idea, especially the fact it's triggered by crying. Will definitely have to try one out with baby number 2! X