28 November 2015

Miles Kelly: The Brothers Grimm Collection

When it comes to buying for the boys at Christmas, I like to get a little bit of everything for them. A few toys, something to wear, some goodies and some books. Books are important to me as I think that every child should learn to read and enjoy using their imagination as they work their way through an exciting fairy tale. 

Miles Kelly are an independent children's book publishers with an ethos to create 'Children's books to inspire and share' trying to reach as many children as possible with their beautifully designed books for kids aged 3–12 years old.

To see just how magical their books are, Miles Kelly sent the boys The Brothers Grimm Collection, a set of 8 books that aim to entice young readers to explore the wonderful world made by storytellers the Brother Grimm, bursting with magic and enchantment to take children on a beautiful adventure as they work their way through the books.

Each book has a main story but also includes 3 other stories too so there are altogether 32 different stories to choose from. The 8 main stories in the books are:

Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs
Hansel and Gretel
The Frog Prince
Sleeping Beauty
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Little Red Riding Hood

And also includes much loved favourites such as Rumpelstiltskin and The Magic Porridge Pot and some of the boys new loves, The Golden Bird, The Valiant Little Tailor and The Gnome just to name a few. 

The books are absolutely stunning, with a gleaming, glittery cover and illustrations which are so quirky, they fit with the stories perfectly. They are also a great way to help younger ones to follow the story by helping their imagination whilst looking at the pictures and hearing the words being read to them. 

Reading through the stories, it is great to see the boys light up with excitement and let their imaginations run wild with the though of little elves that help make shoes, a prince that turns into a frog and a princess who sleeps for 100 years because she has a curse put upon her. 

The stories are full of content and draw the children in but are still short enough to read before bedtime, we sometimes do 2 if the boys are content and setted enough to do so. Who doesn't love to go to sleep after a good book. Laying your head on the pillow and dreaming about the magic and enchantment that you have just read. 

I love that the boys are enjoying the books together. Thomas is an avid reader now and these books are suitable for children between 5-8 years so are suitable and perfect for him to read. Recently, he has been picking one of the books and settling down with Charlie to read him a tale. 

Whilst the boys get to delve into the charms of the story, Thomas is also picking up a whole host of new words into his reading vocabulary and slowly gaining more confidence with his reading. It has been great to see the classics reborn into new and beautifully designed books.

The collection of books are all sold separately, but you can also pick up the fabulous The Brothers Grimm Collection Bag which includes them all inside a beautifully decorated bag. Check out the Miles Kelly website for more information. 


  1. We love reading but unfortunately my eldest is not so keen. However the twins love stories and I can already see that Isabella will be like me and love a good book. I love this collection of books, they are such magical stories that all should know x #Love2Blog

  2. Oh they're such beautiful books! I adore books and love seeing kids enjoying reading time xx

  3. We're huge fans of miles kelly and I love this collection you have for slightly older children. Lovely books and glad to see them being enjoyed!:)

  4. Oh my goodness these are beautiful

  5. These books like beautiful, such a lovely collection! The collection bag is a great idea and not a bad price either.


  6. We love to read as a family and this collection is really beautiful so nice to see kids reading. To us it's such an important part of our day

  7. How lovely. I'm always after new books to read with the girls and I love the idea of the collection bag. Will be looking out for it.x

  8. These books look great Michaela. The sort of books that I would love to have for Blake. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk

  9. What a lovely collection of books. I'd love these to read to Sophie x

  10. I love the Brothers Grimm books and these look amazing for the little ones! I'll definitely have to add these to Lambs collection. His imagination is really starting to develop and I'm sure these would excite him xx

  11. These look beautiful, i love books that remind me of my childhood that I can share with my 3 year old. His attention span is increasing as he gets older so I can do longer stories!

  12. What a lovely collection of stories. I love the Brothers Grimm and actually studied them a little at University! Anyway, it's lovely seeing your boys enjoying them. I love reading and feel it's an important thing for children to do. Laura x

  13. What a lovely collection of books, I must look at these for my two x