27 November 2015

KiddieCubes: The Closest To Fresh, Home Cooked Baby Food

When it comes to weaning, I'm sure that all us mums, and dads also, go into it thinking that we're definitely going to make our own purées, blend our own food and cook from scratch for our little bundles. But sometimes, the events of everyday life can stop this from happening and we have to decide on baby food that is pre-prepared

This is where it becomes a minefield of choosing the right food, at the right stage, with the best ingredients. Lets just say that this is something, after having 3 children, that I have given loads of thought to and have used a lot of brands over the years to find the ones that I use and recommend.

So of course, when I heard about KiddieCubes, I first thought it was actually a genius idea and wondered how no one had thought of it before, I then I wanted to let Joseph loose on them to see if they got his seal of approval. Well now we've had the chance to give them the once over and here is what we thought...

KiddieCubes are the brainchild of Issy Langly-Smith, a qualified nutritional therapist, keen cook, busy working mum of three. Creating 14 tasty dishes in her kitchen using only organic and wholesome ingredients which are suitable for babies aged from four months upwards.Carefully balanced meals which are natural, include no added sugar, no additives, low in natural sugars and are vitamin and protein rich, perfect for little ones who have lots of growing and playing to do.

Like we hear all the time about how vegetables should be frozen as soon as possible to lock in flavour and goodness, this is the same with the KiddieCubes baby food. After gentle cooking, they are immediately frozen to lock in all that goodness that has just been lovingly made. 

The flavours are made into age appropriate ranges too. From 4 month old, KiddieCubes come in a simpler range. Root vegetables and fruit purées are on the menu to help babies gently ease in to new flavours whilst also giving them nice flavours and goodness from the natural produce. From broccoli, courgette and sweet potato to mango, peach and apricot, there is still a lot of variety in these first stage cubes. 

Stage 2 is where it gets more exciting, from 7 month old babies can have a lot more choice and so the dishes get more adventurous to help little ones experience new textures, flavours and foods. Veggie dishes full of lentils butternut squash, parsnips, cauliflower, just to name a few are a great way to move on to this stage. followed by trying meats in the Hearty Chicken and Veg Hotpot and Very Veggie Lamb Casserole dishes. There are also breakfast options when onto stage 2 as well. A Creamy Porridge or Go Bananas Porridge are a great way to start the day.

What's more, they are super easy to prepare too. It takes around 90 seconds to defrost 2 KiddieCubes in the microwave or on the hob in a saucepan which I think is great. Just simply pop a couple in a bowl, stick them in the microwave for 40 seconds, then stir and heat for a further 30 seconds. Joseph is currently eating 3 cubes at a time and this takes 120 seconds in total to heat up.

Each re-sealable KiddieCubes pack contains 12 x 25g cubes (each cube is the equivalent to one heaped tablespoon) so you are in total control of portion size and wastage is kept to a minimum. I like this aspect as being a very frugal person, I used to get sick of wasting the rest of baby food jars when Joseph didn't want to eat it all and always cursed the fact that we wasted so much food. 

This comes in to play when trying to feed him fish dishes. He's still not an avid fish lover and so sometimes I would end up wasting a whole jar or pouch because he's decided that he doesn't want fish that day.

With the Creamy Leafy Fisherman’s Pie I am slowly easing Joseph into trying it by using only one cube at a time to give him that little bit of fishy goodness and mixing it up with a couple of veggie cubes too to fill him up. I think it's great that I am able to do this and change up the meals slightly. 

Kiddie Cubes are available nationwide through ASDA, Ocado, and in Cook stores. Visit the KiddieCubes website for more information. 


  1. These look really interesting - I always wanted to make my own foods, exactly as you say, with Ethan but it just never worked out that way. I'm already prepared that it's even less likely, with Oliver, due to my health issues, so these could definitely go a long way to assuaging my guilt!

    I don't think I could afford to feed him on these entirely but I feel like having a couple of bags in the freezer could be ideal

  2. These do actually look really good. Personally I have never ever used a jar or pouch and have always done home cooked food. I think I would actually give these a go though for emergencies if we were back at this stage now. What a genius idea. x

  3. How Amazing is this? I love the idea of this and its something i would try out next time i have a baby!

  4. That's interesting and it almost like a take away for babies. You don't have to do much and great for emergencies.

  5. These sound really good. I will have to let my sister know about these has her baby is just getting ready for solids

  6. How awesome is that, I do not have kids yet but this is an excellent idea.

  7. I think sounds like such an interesting idea and possibly really handy to have around x

  8. Wow - Kiddie Cubes looks just like homemade baby food! I'm really impressed with this idea. It looks much healthier than the jarred baby foods. x

  9. This is a great idea - i love that you can control the portions - we often throw out food and there's wastage. Nice post.