18 November 2015

Cheeky Chompers: Chewy & Co Chew Pack

When it comes to buying for Christmas, I find that babies are actually very hard to buy for. Having 3 children, I know all too well that I'll get those questions, what do they want, need, use etc and don't really know what to say. 

I find that babies outgrow toys too quick and clothing even more so. So have been looking around for items that will last and that most importantly, will actually be useful to a baby too. That's when I realised that Cheeky Chompers would be an ideal gift for a baby. 

Let me elaborate a little. Cheeky Chompers are a range of beautiful dribble bibs with a difference, they have a teether at the bottom of the bib so your baby will always have it with them for when the pain strikes. 

This ingenious idea was the brain child of both Amy and Julie who realised that teethers were always getting lost and dropped and came up with the simplest of ideas, to attach them to the baby, hence the Neckerchew being born. Sourcing the best fabrics and materials, the bibs are manufactured in the UK and have been tested for safety and quality to make sure that your baby is getting the best they can get whilst also being BPA and phthalates free.

Since the Neckerchew launched, Cheeky Chompers have branched out and created a variety of teething aids, blankets and comforters, including the Comfortchew and the brand spanking new Cheeky Blanket, all coming in matching designs which are adorable. 

To show off how amazing these products are, I was sent out a Chew Pack in the beautiful Chewy & Co design. The pack consists of a Neckerchew and a Comfortchew in a matching design, a variety of designs available. 

Lets start of with the original, the Neckerchew. Made with 3 super absorbent layers, the bib comes in one size but has two adjustable poppers so will fit a baby from around 2 months old to up to 2 years old. The little teething triangle is designed to let your child easily chomp on it whilst wearing the bib. 

The Comfortchew, much like the Neckerchew, has a teether attached for teething babies. In addition, it also has ribbon tags and an elasticated link for attaching to the baby’s wrist or even the cot bars or pram. 

The Chewy & Co design is a fun animal print with Chewy the hippo and friends on a light grey material. The Neckerchew has a winter white reverse which is super absorbent and the Comfortchew has a grey cuddle fleece on the reverse and coordinating red ribbons which just add a pop of colour to this subtle design.

Joseph has loved trying them out. The Neckerchew fits him great on the first popper which means that there's loads of room for growth until he even needs to move onto the looser popper so this will last for a while to come. We have used the Neckerchew when he has been teething bad as it means that no matter where he is, he has something to chomp on and get his gums into. 

The Comfortchew has been a godsend to have whilst out and about. I fasten the elasticated link around the pram and then he use it to snuggle up to, to play with the ribbons and uses the hippo teether to ease his teething pains whilst we are on the go.

I adore the design on the set, the Chewy & Co design is super cute and the fleece on the back of the Comfortchew is warm and soft making it a great, versatile item. Ideal for teething babies and even after all teeth are through, will be a great comfort to little ones as they grow older.

If you're struggling what to get a little one for Christmas and like the look of the Chew Pack, please visit the Cheeky Chompers website for more information or to purchase any of their lovely items. 


  1. This is such a nice idea props to the mum's for coming up with these. I do not yet have kids but it is nice to know about.

  2. This is awesome I have never heard of a bib with a teether attached to it before. What a novel idea and I can't believe that they were the first people to think of that!

  3. We had one of the bibs and it was really useful. Such fab quality too x

  4. They are seriously cute, I love the print it would go with so many outfits.

  5. This is such a lovely idea so props to mum that invented it. I like the pattern design and looks like Joseph really enjoy it.

  6. Such a great idea, I could have done with these when Monkey was younger as we were forever loosing teethers or dropping them on the floor!! Xx

  7. i'm loving the look of the chomper! These are great new products which were not around when Sylvia was a baby and if- big if I ever have another i'll be using an item like this! - ANgela

  8. Such a fab product! We lost numerous teethers with Lamb, although he didn't suffer terribly with teething. I'd definitely buy these for baby number 2 x

  9. We absolutely love cheeky chompers and little J used it all the time. they are great for little droolers who are teething