7 October 2015

Who is the Best Ever James Bond

It's that time of year again, just before Christmas, which means that any time now the James Bond season will be starting on the film channels and we'll get to bask in the glory of our favourite MI5 agent, 007.

Every year without fail, you get to watch the whole set of iconic films, never in the original order I might add, that see James Bond take on the most evil men on the planet and of course, come out triumphant with a beautiful woman dangling from his arm. 

When it comes to the old Bond, James Bond, there is a shift in gear every few years when a new actor is brought in to play the much loved character and that gives the whole nation cause to argue over who should be the next Bond and, more importantly, who is the best James Bond.

Well, in a survey commissioned by Great British Bingo, as you can most probably imagine, Sean Connery has topped to poll with an outstanding 40.12% of the votes. and not surprisingly George Lazenby was right at the bottom with only 2.20% of the votes which I guess is down to the fact that he only ever made one Bond film. 

In fact, when looking at the people who took part in the survey, it was only persons aged between 35-44 that didn't think Sean Connery (33.33% of the votes) was the best and instead went for Daniel Craig with 41.18% of the votes going to him. 

In a way, I am actually surprised by this. Not about Sean Connery coming top, I know just how much people loved him as Bond, but that George Lazenby came bottom. Although he did do only one film, I think George was a fantastic Bond, probably one of the bests there were. 

For me, my favourite actor to play James Bond was Pierce Brosnan. I think he juts oozed style, sophistication and had a mysterious aura about him which was perfect for that of an MI5 agent. I think he fit the bill perfectly even down to his tone of voice and the faces he'd pull during scenes. 

During the poll, Pierce Brosnan came third overall with a poor 11.58% of the votes and coming way down in 6th in the 45-54 aged category with a score of only 1.61%. Women did seem to prefer him though staying third in the table for female votes of 4th in the male votes category. 

I was going to end this post with an important question, who was the best James Bond ever in your opinion... but I'm not. 

The question is, now Daniel Craig has officially retired as 007, who do you want to play the new James Bond. I've heard so many names thrown about, Damien Lewis, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba to name a few. But Tom Hardy... Tom 'Oh My Gosh He's Hot' Hardy is my favourite!

Who do you think the next James Bond should be?


  1. I don't have a clue who should be the next James Bond, but whoever it is, I will be watching! In fact my hubby and I are hoping to go on a date to the movies to see Bond... I'm quite looking forward to it!

    Angela x

  2. Eh... my hubby of course!? Have been to see a lot of the more recent bond movies. LIke the transition and modernisation of the character. Even if it is all chauvinistic and sauve!

  3. I would love to see Idris Elba as James Bond. I think he has the best voice on the planet!

  4. Oooh, I've not seen enough Bond films to know who to choose as the best.... maybe I need to do some more research! But I did see the last Bond film with a group of my girlfriends round one of their houses with wine and nibbles and we had a great time giggling away. x

  5. I can't believe Daniel Craig got voted best Bond! I'd have thought Sean Connery or Pierce Bronson as well. And you are right, we will be inundated with Bond films now for the next few months lol x

  6. I would have said Sean Connery! Not Daniel Craig. I love Bond Movies and have the complete boxset loL! My husband got me into watching them as he is a huge fan

  7. Not a fan of the bond movies myself but the OH loves them. I'd have no problem watching Tom Hardy running around in a Bond movie though lol

  8. Ive got to be honest, probably me :D

  9. I am not a huge James Bond fan. But I did like Pierce Brosnan. Kaz x

  10. Would love to see Idris Elba as the new Bond. It's sad to see that people can't see beyond colour. They should judge him and others solely by their talent!