12 October 2015

What's Inside Paddy's Bathroom?

Since having Joseph, I have learnt the importance of bath products for children that are kind to the skin. He has eczema that flares up when using some bath products and so I've searched to find ones that are great for his sensitive skin but will still make bath times fun. 

Paddy's Bathroom are the new bath products on the block. The brainchild of Paul Lindley, the creator of Ella's Kitchen the organic baby food, who believes in making bath time super fun for young kids and stress-free for parents. 

All of the products have been clinically tested and found to be safe, kind and mild for skin, and suitable for sensitive skin whilst the shampoo is safe and tear free for eyes. All formulations are dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved.

N.B. Ignore the state of our bathroom as we await a new one being fitted!
So, to give it a try, we were sent out the full range of Paddy's Bathroom products. 

Bubbly Stuff Bubble Bath
This is a rich, thick kids' bubble bath that is gentle and kind to skin, made with as much natural + organic stuff as possible (63% organic + 98% natural!) to leave your skin feeling soft and clean. With a scent of tangy tangerine fragrance is 100% natural. 

Squirty Stuff Hair + Body Wash
Squirty Stuff is a great foaming body wash that is made from 73% organic and 98% natural products. Coming in two scents, juicy pineapples and squishy mangoes to leave your children's skin soft, clean and with a great smell. 

The Squirty Stuff have a whizzy cap which creates the foam as it comes out. You just simply pull it till it clicks open and then squeeze the bottle in short bursts to get blobs of foamy loveliness. 

Foamy Stuff Hair + Body Wash
Like Squirty Stuff, it is 73% organic and 98% natural but smells like rosy apples. You just pump the top until foaminess arrives into the palm of your hands with the lovely scent to boost.  

Stuff for Shiny Hair Shampoo
The Stuff for Shiny Hair is great because it foams up so well. Making it fun for children to wash their own hair, getting to play as they wash. The squeezy lemons smell is 100% natural and 56% organic making hair silky, clean and shiny. 

Stuff for Soft Hair Conditioner
The Stuff for Soft Hair is a super gentle everyday conditioner that is tear free so great for little ones who are scared of using bath products. Made from 83% organic and 98% natural stuff, to leave hair soft and shiny. With 100% natural squeaky clean lemons fragrance to give a yummy clean. 

Stuff for Hands Hand Wash
Paddy's Bathroom Stuff for Hands is an amazing foaming hand wash that makes hand washing for kids much more fun as they can play with the bubbles whilst washing their hands. With 73% organic and 98% natural stuff and again,  a lemon scent to keep hands squeaky clean. 

Our Thoughts
The boys love baths anyway, always splashing around and enjoying bubble baths, but Paddy's Bathroom have made it even more fun. Now, when it comes to the actual getting a wash part, they still get to play with bubbles and even spike up their hair with it, keeping my mind at ease knowing that it is gentle on the skin. 

I think, the fact that each of the products are fun, bubbly and engaging for children, means that they like them more. What's more, they are easy to open and squirt so my children can now do it all themselves and even use the Squirty Stuff to foam each other before getting a wash and cleaning themselves. 

Overall, this has to be one of my favourite children's bath product rages to date. Not only have Paddy's Bathroom been made with organic, natural stuff but they have been tested to make sure they are great for sensitive skin whilst still giving a thorough clean. Which is all great but is topped off by the fact that they are fun, foamy and fruity, perfect for kids to play whilst they wash. 

What's more, Paddy's Bathroom run a Drop Buy Drop programme whereby to help those who need it most. With every product that is sold, they give 50 US cents towards clean water initiatives that help families in Africa, currently helping to provide water filters to some of the poorest families in Rwanda. 

Each Paddy's Bathroom product has a code etched onto it so you can pop to their website and see exactly how you have helped make water clean.

So not only are your children getting fun and bubbly products for bath time that are natural and organic, but when you purchase them, you are helping other children too...


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before! It looks fab! As a parent of a child who suffers with eczema I know how difficult it is to find products that don't irritate their skin! I love the fact this company helps out the less fortunate as well!

    Laura x x x

  2. These sound fab. I'm trying to only use organic based natural products for the boys and so will defo give these a try xx

  3. Ooo, I like this. I want to try it with my son. I love the foaming soap, because it can be hard to put and jeep shampoo on a wiggly toddler. The foam makes it a lot easier. Thanks!

  4. I keep seeing this product pop up all over the place and I LOVE bath products for me and my kids. These look great! So next time I am out shopping I must keep an eye out for them, thanks! x

  5. The brand looks fab, I've never seen it before but will definately have a look to see if any of my local stores sell it as it looks fun for my little ones to enjoy during bath times and kind to their skin too x

  6. Fantastic bath products and brand! I would love to purchase these products for my kids to use. The love fun stuff like this!