17 October 2015

Little Dandies Handprinted Personalised Dinosaur Top

Little Dandies is a children's clothing company based in Yorkshire, that was founded by two sisters, Nat and Lu. After both having children, they realised how boring clothing for their boys were, sick of the 'baby blue and naff motifs' on babygrows and that was when they thought up Little Dandies as they wanted to inject some colour and quirkiness back into children's fashion. 

The sisters have years of experience working in both the design industry and with children. Nat qualifying with a First class degree in Children’s illustration and going on to become a primary school teacher. Whereas Lu has a First class degree in Fashion Marketing and has worked as a fashion designer from high street retailers to high end fashion.

Using the method of screen printing, Little Dandies have created a range of clothing that have quirky colours and funky animal prints that are all hand printed in the UK and British manufacturers too where possible as they try to keep the brand as environmentally friendly as possible. 

As a fellow Yorkshire-person and being someone who loves to promote anything Yorkshire based as I adore the fact that I am from this beautiful part of the country, I obviously snatched their hand off when they asked if Joseph would like have one of their tops for me to review and write about. 

A few days later, the beautiful Handprinted Personalised Dinosaur Top arrived and it was even more bright and stand-out-ish than I thought it would be. 

This 100% cotton aqua blue t-shirt has long dark green sleeves and navy blue cuff and neck lines. Hand printed with a dinosaur and his own little top hat on the front with Joseph's name also printed underneath to make it his own special, personalised top. 

Joseph is 8 month old and this top is sized at 6-12 month and fits him fine. Even though he is big for his age, it still has a lot of growth room in it and will fit him for a while to come. 

I love the writing, the font that has been used to print it on is beautiful and so quirky. Not just a boring bold text but something different that stands out as a lovely design. The brightness of the green dinosaur with his own little top hat to accompany him is so cute and perfect for any growing little boy. 

The colours, all of them. From the vivid blue and green of the actual top itself to the printed imagine, they are all bold and bright and just ooze vintage, bespoke design. It's something that, once he's outgrown, I can keep for Joseph as a memento of when he was little. 

Even now, after a few washes, the t-shirt is still bright, in shape and looking like new which is great as, as a mum of 3 messy boys, the quality and longevity of clothing is important. 

Having a range of tops, babygrows and pyjamas in al different animal designs. I would say that in the future, there is scope to add more to the range. More long sleeved tops as winter is arriving, bigger sizes in the babygrows and more styles in the pyjamas. But I guess the range can grow as the business does. 

More information or to see the beautiful designs, you can visit the Little Dandies website where you can also purchase the clothing for your own little ones. 


  1. How adorable is that! I love personalised items, might have to pop over and see what else they have to offer! :) x

  2. Look great on so cute little model. I love personalne and handmade items.

  3. Aww that is such a cute top! I love it! And what a goregous son you have :)

    Gemma xx

  4. That top is so adorable. It's almost as cute as your wee boy! He looks absolutely darling in it. Great job on the design :)

  5. Oh this top is lovely! Looks so cute on your little boy x

  6. Adorable top on a very adorable little boy. Love the bright colour and the dino print. With my other half being a Yorkshire man I love companies from that part of the country.

  7. I wanted to do something similar for my nephew. His dad worries about kids' names being on display though. I love all the animal designs, very cute :)

  8. Such a cute top, I love things like this #triedtested

  9. Oh this is just adorable, we definitely need to get some of these for my little 2! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  10. My son would have loved this when he was young