29 September 2015

The Role of the Social Worker Assistant

Social workers are a vital part of a happy, healthy, functioning society.

They assist vulnerable people and children through the really hard parts of life and help them through a crisis while also working to safeguard them from harm.

They could be working with a variety of people from young parents to those addicted to substances to carers but often they specialize in one field.

Sometimes, social workers need to work with other outside sources such as the police and hospitals and can sometimes have to make some very tough calls which can result in a parent losing access to their child or a person being put through other special measures to ensure their safety.

Because this role is so demanding, social worker assistants are now helping to make the field of social work much more efficient and productive by taking on some duties that the social worker simply does not have time to deal with.

They work with qualified social workers to maintain the high standards of quality of care for those needing it and are therefore absolutely paramount to society.

Photo by David Castillo Dominici from freedigitalphotos.net

The role of the social worker assistant can include: 

Social workers simply do not have the time to deal with the administrative side of their roles, such as report writing, and therefore social worker assistants take over these duties.

Other responsibilities can include contacting potential clients and setting up appointments, writing up actions plans and basic administration.

Meeting directly with clients
Social worker assistants often visit clients in their home or other environments and inform them about the services available, assist them with tasks such as paperwork and help them through actions plans that have been drawn up for them. They also offer support, guidance and counselling to those in crisis on a one-to-one basis.

Supporting the social worker
Professionally supporting the social worker through hard cases and motivating them is a major part of the role of social worker assistant. By removing many of the miscellaneous tasks it allows them to be highly energized for their duties and therefore provide the best quality of care. Social worker assistants also keep up to date with changes in legislation and therefore can assist the social worker competently and legally.

Working in the community
Social worker assistants are visible in the local community and often are the first port of call for clients and other health care professionals. Because they do not specialize in any one field like many social workers they deal with many people in hospitals, care homes and other settings.


  1. This sounds very similar to the role of a therapies assistant (speech and language, OT, physio etc). They are a lovely way to either get a taster of the profession before deciding whether to train or get a taste of the job without the stress and responsibility.

  2. Such a hard job and they need all the support they can get. Vital but not something I could do x

  3. Social workers do such a hard job, and often so thankless. So this sounds like a great way to support them, and taking away the more mundane tasks so they can do the job they're trained for.

  4. Awful hard job I'd imagine. They do amazing work and never get the credit they really deserve!

  5. Social workers have a lot of roles to fulfill & as you said they are in so many different settings. It must be a very difficult job.

  6. I identified with lots of these roles and responsibilities too. Being a teacher can be a similar experience to a social worker.

  7. I can not begin to imagine the amount of work it really takes. I have two children with Special Needs and we have various Therapists/S Workers that come to our house and to the boys school to work with them. They are so finely attuned to the boys needs that it amazes me. Great post and well done on raising awareness of the role and responsibilities.x

  8. I have great respect for anyone who works in this field. I am far too emotional to cope with what they are exposed to in their roles. x

  9. I wanted to be a social worker when I was younger. I ended up being a nursery nurse which I love but a part of me always wonders what if?