26 September 2015

Spooktacular Deals at Aldi

Out of all the big holidays, apart from Christmas of course, Halloween is the favourite in our family. We love nothing more than donning a spooky costume, fixing  the house up with gruesome decorations and handing out sweets to the monsters that visit. 

And Aldi know just how much us families love the scary day and have brought us a whole host of spooktacular deals on Halloween items. We were sent a range of their party stock and some extra goodies that are sure to scare.

The Party Range
There is so much to choose from, the assorted partyware (from 89p) are available in 2 designs and can get table cloths, plates, bowls, bups, napkins and loot bags. We were sent a pack of each that will come in handy as the boys are having a Halloween tea party with a couple of their friends and these will just help to set the scene a bit more. 

We also received a fab serving dish (£6.99) which is hand-painted with a gloss finish. You can choose from a 3 Pack Spider Web Bowls, Rectangular Divided Serving Dish or Large Pumpkin Plate. The pumpkin plate is great and will be a fab place to put nibbles and treats on the big day.  

Ding Dong Doorbell
These bright and noisy doorbells (£6.99) are great and will scare any trick or treaters out of their skin. You can pick between a Skull, Witch or Vampire design, of which we got the skull one, and they all talk, have light up eyes and stick out their tongues and are sure to scare your little socks off. 

Have a watch of this video to see just one of the examples of what it says...

By Candle Light
The beautiful LED tealight holders are fab as, although they look like candles, they are in fact battery operated and have a speckley light to make it look like an actual candle. Depicting a gruesome sight on the front and glowing with a spooky light. Being only £1.79 each, they are a must have to make your house a spooky dark space but without using actual candles. 

Aldi also has a huge range of Halloween costumes for adults and children as well as treats and much more in store from the 1st October. Check out the Aldi website for more information. 


  1. I love that Pumpkin Plate, I'll be in Aldi next Thursday for one of them!

  2. I love Aldi and there deals and will just have to go there to get some stuff

  3. Awesome its my sons birthday Halloween we shall definatly be popping in to check these out - Thanks

  4. Aldi do some amazing things for Halloween,i was in there today and picked a few bits up myself x

  5. Aldi do some amazing things for Halloween,i was in there today and picked a few bits up myself x