29 September 2015

Milkysnugz: Hugz Your Baby Will Love!

Milkysnugz are wonderfully cute. They are a fun range of cuddly comforters for your babies bottle that come with lots of loving hugz. Made to help with the breastfeeding journey and the new Universal Collection take 98% of baby bottles on the market, including sipper spout & sports cap bottles too.

If used from birth, babies build a bond with their Milkysnugz not their feeding aid and , when pressed against the breast, they will take on the mothers scent, making it easier for a baby to latch to the bottle for feeding. 

As babies grow, they learn to grasp onto bottles and eventually hold them with the help of the Milkysnugz which helps to develop fine motor skills so they can become independent feeders. When older, Milkysnugz help make the transition from bottles to spouts a doddle as the baby associates with the Milkysnugz and not with what's hiding inside. 

On the left, the original Milkysnugz and on the right, the new universal Milkysnugz
Milkysnugz are also fully machine washable at 30 degrees so it doesn't matter if they are attacked by a dribble monster as they can just be popped into the washing machine. Made from the highest quality materials and a zip fastener underneath which allows for easy access to the bottle, they are very soft and long lasting with a full CE certification.  

The new Universal Milkysnugz have been designed to fit 98% of the baby bottles on the current market which means, no matter what bottle or sippy cup you choose to use for your baby, it will more than likely, fit into the Milkysnugz for hugz and cuddles. 

Available in six adorable characters, Benji The Bliss Bear, Dash The Dog, Elliot The Elephant, Rosie The Rabbit, Mason The Mouse and Humphrey The Hippo, Milkysnugz provide a comfort to your baby during feeding time and as a companion to snuggle up with. 

Joseph has been lucky to try out his very own Milkysnugz, receiving Elliot The Elephant to snuggle up to as he has his bottle. This is a super cute elephant that wears a cute orange outfit and has little green feet and ears. Joseph loves gripping Elliot by the ear as he sups his bottle and then squeezes him tight for a loving hug. 

We use Tommee Tippee bottles and these fit into the Milkysnugz with ease. You just simply unzip the bottom, push the bottle in to place and zip it back up. And there you have it, a cuddly friend for your baby to snuggle with and a way to help your baby learn to drink their own bottle. 

I am really happy that Joseph has taken to using a Milkysnugz so well, now being able to confidently hold his own bottle at feeding time which frees up my time to actually do everything else around the house. As we all know, a mothers work is never done. 

For more information about the characters, visit the Milkysnugz website where you can also purchase them with free UK delivery. 


  1. I've never seen anything like these before! Just don't lose it or change washing powder or they'll be trouble!

  2. That's a really sweet idea. I don't think these were around when my daughter was using bottles, but I can imagine they could work really well for some people.

  3. What a brilliant idea! I have never seen anything like this before but I would have found it so useful x

  4. This looks a brilliant idea, love it!

  5. They are so cute. My new nephew would love these as he gets a bit older.

  6. What a great idea, I have never seen one of those before! My little man is not able to hold his bottle so I am going to buy one to help him. Thanks for the post

  7. This is such a wonderful idea. It's really challenging for little ones to hold a bottle properly. The Milkysnugz makes it look so easy & also snuggly. Lovely review hun! x

  8. I love this idea, and such a simple an obvious one too! I used to use a muslin square for similar but this is one step better!

  9. I haven't seen these before - how cute! Three of my four children had / have pram sheets / muslin squares as their comforters. Kaz x

  10. Such a sweet & brilliant idea! I've never heard or seen this before, but I would love to have one for my child! x