14 September 2015

How To Design A Space Saving Nursery

When it comes to decorating Joseph's nursery, I wanted to go a little different this time round. With him being our third child, I didn't want to go with the normal white and basic furniture and instead chose to go for a colourful theme which would work to grow with him.

This was going to be a stretch though as Joseph, being in the room on his own, has the smallest room so all the furniture has to have a purpose and something that will actually be used. Space saving furniture is a must or products that can double up as something else too. Utilising wall space by having a lot of shelves to free up the floor for more necessary items.

He's our last child so I wanted to go out with a bang as it were. A blast of colour and no expense spared when it comes to kitting out his room that would be his as he grows and gains his own little personality along the way. 

Products : Modern nursery/kids room by Boori Europe
Products by Boori Europe

So I have started looking around to find my inspiration. Searching for photos of rooms that others have designed, ones that I liked, disliked, that I could use parts of to go into my own design for Joseph's room. After a bit of browsing, I came across quite a few that I like and our design was born from there.

For me, I liked the thought of having cream walls and then adding colour around this afterwards. This would mean that no matter how he changed in the future, we could just change accessories, pictures and materials and it would suit any new theme. 

My first thought is to have beautiful wood coloured furniture that would stand out and then add accessories to give the colour. What's more, if I buy a cotbed rather than a regular cot, this will also help for the room to grow as Joseph does as it can be changed to a junior bed when he has outgrown the cot.

So that's the basics sorted, plain walls with wooden furniture. Now just for everything else...

Mr Fox nursery : Eclectic style nursery/kids room by Kinderoo Childrens Interiors
Mr Fox nursery by Kinderoo Childrens Interiors

What colour should I go for? It's so hard to choose. Blue is a bit boring on it's own and is very much the 'norm' when it comes to decorating a boys bedroom. I love this Mr Fox design. Who'd have thought that blue and orange would have worked so well. I would have never put them together myself. 

After much searching and spending (oops, sorry hubby!), I have he base of Joseph's room. Going with a duck-egg blue and mint green colour scheme with personalised pictures and artwork on the wall. Finding furniture that saves space was quite hard though. 

Most nursery furniture sets came as a pack of 3, a cot, set of drawers and a changing unit. Eventually we found one that we loved that not only gave the option of being able to be turned into a junior bed when needed, but it had a huge drawer underneath, perfect for storing blankets and spare bedtime items, and a changer that fits to the top of the cot. This means that it takes up less space in his room as we now no longer need to find storage for these items. 

I'll be glad when it's finally done and I can share the finished room with you and eventually get Joseph into his own bedroom. 


  1. This looks fantastic. Blue and orange look great together;you should definitely go for it!

    Emma xoxo
    DollfaceBlogs | DollfaceWeddings

  2. What a great room. It's a good idea to leave the room as a blank canvas to develop as the child gets older but that would take so much will power! Love the blue & orange color combination & the fox is so cute! x

  3. Love those fox colours and how lucky are you that hubby has let you have a free rien! For our third it was a challenge to get him to even paint the room as apparently she wouldnt go in their for ages anyway - he was right!

  4. I love that fox and woodland theme that seems to be going on in the pics. I think is nice to incorporate colour and of course needing to be clever with the space and furniture. I hope you blog the finished result.

  5. Ooh I love the fox theme and the colours you have chosen. It will looks awesome x

  6. I love how well orange and teal go together then throw in the wood life theme to match ... genius.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  7. Duck egg blue is one of my favourite colours and I think it looks beautiful in a nursery. The Mr. Fox theme is really sweet and foxes are so 'in' at the moment aren't they? :)

  8. Looks fantastic. Great colour scheme and love the fox design!

  9. Oh I LOVE the theme and colours - foxes are everywhere right now and I love them! It will be gorgeous. Kaz x

  10. the colour scheme sounds lovely, we have gone for multi-coloured in my daughters room. Shes out third girl and we were sick of pink

  11. Mr Fox design is absolutely fantastic

  12. I love foxes myself and can't wait to see what the finished nursery looks like.