28 September 2015

Goodness Gracious Baby Food Pouches

When I'm not making baby food from scratch, I use pouches to make sure that Joseph gets a full wholesome meal. It annoys me though that the food flavours are always a little boring with no adventure on new tastes from around the world and you never actually know what has or hasn't been added in the way of salt, sugar and additives. 

So I'm glad to see that there is now a change...

Goodness Gracious Foods serves up an innovative line of baby food using recipes that come from the kitchen of founder Katherine Gubbins. Katherine tested the meals and flavours on her little ones to make sure that each recipe tastes great and adds those essential daily nutrients to the diets of babies. 

The recipes used are based on the 5,000-year-old Indian health system of Ayurveda which means that only 100% organic food is used and the introduction of new grains, flavours and spices to make sure that little ones are getting to try something new that is not only healthy but is nutritionally balanced too. 

Joseph has loved getting to grips with new flavours. The 4 month+ range consists of normal foods such as apples and pears but better that they are packed full of pure fruit. These have been great as little dessert treats for Joseph.

There are then more adventurous tastes like Apple, Apricot & Cinnamon Puree, Banana, Plum & Quinoa Puree and Carrot, Broccoli, Pea & Quinoa Puree. These are great as not only does it mean that babies get to try spices but new grains too that will help to develop their palate as they grow. From a sweet meal to a veggie delicacy. 

For babies that are over 8 month old, they can sample Chicken, Sweet Potato, Spinach Purée with Mint & Lemon Juice. Although Joseph is just over 7 month old, I tried him with this and it was, by far his favourite. With the fragrant mint and the citrus zing of lemon, it gives him a whole new taste sensation.

I love that the spinach hasn't been fully puréed and still has some texture to it thus giving Joseph another hurdle to get over in how to chew the spinach and break it down. Although I obviously haven't tasted it myself, from the delightful smell of the meal, I can tell that Joseph is getting a wholesome, full, rounded meal to devour. 

There is then a pouch for babies over a year old. This is Mango, Coconut Milk and Brown Rice Purée which Joseph hasn't tried yet as he isn't old enough. Packed with essential nutrients, bursting with vitamins and minerals whilst having 0% additives, 0% added sugar and  0% added salt. 

In all honesty, I think the Goodness Gracious baby food is amazing. The different flavours in spices and grains for babies to try and the fact that they are healthier than other pouches with no salt or sugar added to them. 

I think it would be great if more flavours were added to the range so that babies could get to try even more, maybe that's a way to reach out to in the future, but for now, Joseph has been enjoying these pouches. His favourite being the Chicken, Sweet Potato, Spinach Purée with Mint & Lemon Juice as it gives him meaty goodness, a fragrant flavour and a kick from the lemon and mint for a meal that he truly enjoys.

You can find out more information on the Goodness Gracious Foods website where you can also purchase any of the pouches too. 


  1. Ooohh, these flavours sound brilliant. Like you, I make my own purees most of the time but occasionally a pouch is good for convenience. I will look out for these.

  2. I think it's such a good idea to include different spices and flavours in baby food. I think the sooner they are introduced to exciting flavours the better. We did baby led weaning with all three of our children, and they were having home-made healthy curries, chillies etc from very early on. Now they are older, they are not at all fussy and eat anything, and I think it's from being exposed to different tastes from a young age. And you can do that however you choose to wean your baby.

  3. First of all your baba is SERIOUSLY cute <3 We haven't tried those pouches before but I will look out for them the next time I am stocking up for my own little man.x They are great handy helpers when you are on the run.x Great that they include so many flavors I always think it helps stave off the fussy eaters of the futures to include variety when they are young.x

  4. Whoa now!! This is some super neat stuff! I feel like my homemade baby food is so bland!! These sound delicious and have such good variety! I might have to try a few out!! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. I'm loving the ingredients in these pouches. Also, the flavour combinations sound really tasty. It's so convenient to have a few pouches in the house & for going out too. My daughter still loves the pear pouch! x

  6. Baby loves pouches, for a while it was all she would eat!. Sounds like a great way to get kids to experience new flavours

  7. Have never seen these before. Some nice different flavours for baby to try :-)

  8. These look really lovely. My children always enjoyed eating like curry etc when weaning so this looks like a really refreshing change to the normal puree choices available.

  9. I love it when they spice up kids meals and all in a kid friendly manner. The mango, coconut puree sounds like the perfect sweet treat for kids.