19 September 2015

End Loneliness With Sunrise Living

Recently I was invited to join in with the campaign to end loneliness and invite an elderly relative for dinner so they're not alone and have at least some family interaction for a bit. I knew straight away that I would invite my mother in law down for a family meal with us.

My mother in law has recently undergone heart surgery and so cannot do loads. She spends the most part in her flat pottering around but, as she lives on her own, I can imagine how lonely it must be from time to time. 

Sunrise Senior Living who provide residential care, organised the End Loneliness Campaign for bloggers to make sure, for at least a bit of time, the an elderly person is with family, interacting and enjoying the company of family members rather than being at home. You can see what other bloggers have written about by searching #DontDineAlone on social media.

So, we set the date and planned a huge Sunday roast for the family. We regularly invite my husbands mum down for dinner, but it's usually for special events, birthdays, Christmas, that kind of thing, so most of the rest of the time, she will be at home, so it was nice to see the smile on her face when we asked her to attend our dinner.

Armed with enough food to feed a small army, I set out to create a 3 course menu, perfect for all of us and our tastes. For starter, butternut squash soup with crusty bread. Shortly followed by a hearty chicken roast dinner, and since I'm a true Yorkshire girl, this included a mountain of Yorkshire puds, homemade of course. Dessert was trifle. Why not I thought. It gave the boys and I something to prepare the day before and meant that Joseph could also tuck into it after his dinner. 

The whole family enjoyed eating together at the table, chatting about television, news and a bit of football thrown in, just enjoying each others company. 

And then it got to the competitive bit... Monopoly... The Monopoly: Leeds Edition to be precise. 

As we all know, Monopoly takes an age to play so this went on for a good few hours, cheers when we won a big pot of money from the 'free parking' square. Moaning coming from the hubby as he, once again, landed on a plot with a hotel, and just altogether having fun. 

For me, not only was it great that we got to spend the day with my husbands mum, but it meant that we got to talk about the things she likes, do something different and just relax knowing that for that day, she was with her family and knew how appreciated she is. 

After agreeing just how good it was, we decided that it would now be a weekly thing. Every Sunday, the mother in law will come down and we'll have a lovely roast followed by getting to beat the hubby at a board game. 

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, as one big happy family...


  1. I think this is a great initiative and it's really good that you're raising awareness of it. Sounds like you all had a lovely time!

  2. Such a fantastic idea! Thank you for raising awareness!

  3. I love this idea and think everyone should look after their elderly relatives. I see my nan (89) every Tuesday. I always see my mum and Dad at least once a week and whilst they are not old its still nice to make that effort. Some people are so lonely on their own and see no one for weeks on end so I love this idea. x

  4. It's really lovely that you are making it a regular thing. We go to my mums for lunch most weeks, but there will come a time when we need to have them to ours more.

  5. What a great idea. Love the board game afterwards. I used to play board games a lot as a kid and I really hope my girls will play them too but I think the allure of technology will win out.

  6. Ah what a fabulous new tradition you have started! I bet your mother in law truly enjoyed her evening with you guys. That's awesome there is a Leeds edition of Monopoly! x

  7. such an importnat thing to highlight. My grandad is very lonely since my nan died and I enjoy spending time with him for coffee every Wednesday now. Whilst it doesn't stop his broken heart it does mean he knows I care too.

  8. Aw such a lovely post!xx We used to bring my Grandparents over every week for Sunday dinner so they wouldn't have to do anything just relax, eat and enjoyxx I am always so glad now we had those precious Sundays with themx Wish we could have had more.x It is a great idea to help the elderly feel a part of the community and to fee l wanted and neededxx I wish your Mother in Law a speedy recoveryxx

  9. What a great initative to help the elderly. It makes me so sad that people live such lonely lives. x

  10. I absolutely love the idea of this. Elderly people are so bloody fun - We met a lovely couple last weekend in central London who were a blast to talk too. Great campaign to raise awareness too.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x