11 August 2015

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Our Date Night Film?

Since having Joseph, my husband and myself haven't really spent much time together as everything has mostly been about the boys. It's hard trying to find spare time when you're knee deep in toys and washing clothing of a night and don't even ask about getting to go out anywhere on our own as I think the last time that happened was on my birthday 2 years ago!

But we have realised that we do need to try and spend at least some time together and so my parents have offered to look after all of the boys for a few hours so we can do something, just us, together, and have a little break from nappy changes and bottle feeds.

After picking through the options of what we could do, we eventually settled on going to see a movie and got to looking at what is currently out at the cinema. A few caught my eye but the hubby just had to see Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. As you can imagine, I wasn't really up for this and he had to sell it to me. 

Would you believe that I have never seen any of the Mission: Impossible films before?

I do like action films but, for some reason, have just never got round to watching any of the movie franchise. So that kind of made our decision final. Not only at the end of the week would we get to watch the new Mission: Impossible movie, but it meant that for the most part of the week, we would spend the evenings watching the 4 other Mission: Impossible films. 

And I'm glad we did as they are quite the films. So much action and suspense. But would Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation live up to the other 4 movies?

Well, the premise of the film is that the IMF have now disbanded, Ethan Hunt is out in the cold with no one. A new threat called the Syndicate emerges to try and establish a new world order via an escalating series of terrorist attacks via a network of highly skilled operatives.

With what looks to be the most impossible mission to date, Ethan gathers his team together and then joins forces with Ilsa Faust (a British agent whom has been disavowed) who may or may not be a member of the deadly rogue nation. 

Will they all survive? Will Ethan save the world once again? Will Simon Pegg's character, Benji, help keep the humour throughout all the action? Well you'll have to go and see it for yourselves to see how they figure out this impossible mission...

But what about us? Wouldn't you love to try and do something exhilarating, I'm sure the adrenaline junkie inside is screaming out for you to try something fun and thrilling. Well Into The Blue are an experience day gift vouchers provider and have a huge range of activities to get your pulse racing. Maybe do some of the fast and dangerous driving off-road, parachute jumping or even tank driving just to give that extra pinch of thrill. 

Getting to experience just how Tom Cruise managed to pull of some of the most famous stunts from the Mission: Impossible movie franchise. Did you know that he did a lot of his own stunts? He's not alone too as a lot of famous actors have shown just how dedicated they are to their jobs and wanting to make the films as great and terrifying as possible by doing their own dangerous stunts. This fab infographic that I found on Hollywood News shows just some of the big actors who risked their lives doing what they do best, making movies. 


  1. not a fan of Tom Cruise, I love the movie Speed

    1. I felt the same but the Mission Impossible movies are great!

  2. Wow such a cool post! I never new that some movie stars actually performed their own stunts apart from Jackie Chan. I'm not really a Tom Cruise fan, however I do like a good action movie.

    1. IT's nice to see some stars that actually do try to do the stunts, I bet it's hard work :-)