8 August 2015

Mia & Dom Soothing Skin Salve

As I've spoken about before, Joseph has a patch of eczema on his face. Not anywhere else, just his face and it causes his somewhat of a discomfort, especially in this weather when he's warm. It irritates him and, as he has a blanket which he sleeps with on a night and holds across his cheek to go to sleep, I find that it gets worse during the night and will be very red and flared when he wakes. 

We've been trying to look at remedies for his skin condition without having to go down the GP route and using a harmful cream on his face, so when Mia & Dom got in touch and asked if we wanted to try their Soothing Skin Salve, I couldn't turn them down and straight away got using it on his face where the eczema was. 

Mia & Dom is an organic skin care range for pregnancy, babies and sensitive skin founded by Jennifer Feltham who had a desire to use only natural products on her children Mia & Dominic, hence the name Mia & Dom. Dominic suffered with eczema (like Joseph) and so she began creating creams and balms in her own kitchen until the product range launched in February 2015.

These organic and hand made products combine skin-loving botanical oils and butters, infused with essential oils to provide nourishment for even the most delicate skin. 

The Mia & Dom Soothing Skin Salve has a soothing combination of Tamanu and Safflower Oil which helps the wounds to heal with Rosehip Seed Oil to promote healthy skin. Also containing essential oils Lavender and Roman Chamomile which help to sooth the skin. All in all, calming the redness and soothing the itching on his skin. Perfect for combating dry skin. 

Made using vegetable and plant based oils which contain vitamins, minerals and a wide range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 to give the skin and gentle, natural soothing sensation and they are product to say that they don't contain any petroleum based ingredients like liquid paraffin which can actually dry out the skin. All natural, organic and caring for the skin. 

So, how did Joseph get on with the cream? I'm happy to say that, after using the cream for 2 weeks, I am pleased with the results so far. The Soothing Skin Salve is easy to apply. Quite a greasy formula which glides on easily and absorbs quickly in to the skin.

Joseph started out with a vivid red patch on his left cheek which caused him discomfort and irritated him whilst looking very sore indeed. The photos above show Joseph's face at the very first day, before treatment start, at one week during use and after these 2 weeks where you can see that there is virtually nothing much there any more. 

So overall, I am so happy that Mia & Dom got in touch and asked us to give them a try. Joseph is looking much better and he is no longer irritable on a morning as there is no more flared skin. His eczema seems better everyday. 

You can find more information about the Soothing Skin Salve and purchase it from the Mia & Dom website.


  1. Pam Francis Gregory9 August 2015 at 12:17

    Thanks for the review. Always on the lookout for skin creams!

  2. Wow this looks great, my little boy has bad ecezma so always looking for new creams to try!

    1. If you give it a try then let me know how he gets on with it :-)

  3. Replies
    1. It is great, a nice product for baby's skin x

  4. Lovely product, the results look great! I'll keep this product in mind. Thanks for the review :)