6 August 2015

Mum Tries | Goodbye Baby Bump - Aiming To Be Confident In My Body

I've never been a confident person. Ever since I was young, I have been so self-concious, hating to way I looked. Not comfortable to show off my body and always staying covered up. Even more so now that I've had children as not only do I have stretch-marks but I also have excess skin and a bulge around my tummy.

I see all these women sharing their snaps of them in lovely dresses and wearing figure hugging clothing and get a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realise that I would look a total mess in something like that, like a sack of potatoes.

Even if I didn't have the left over results from growing a human being inside me, I still wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a bikini or something showing my stomach, but in all honesty, I would just love to wear anything without feeling totally and utterly like a failure.

When I was contacted by Kiqplan, I initially felt a wave of horror pass over me at the prospect of having to exercise and show the results on here but eventually I realised that maybe this was the push I needed to help me get over this overwhelming feeling of just being an ugly fat fatty.

So I agreed and in turn was sent a Fitbug Orb and a Kiqplan app to help me on my way.

Kiqplan is a line of 12-week personalised training plans. They have released Goodbye Baby Bump which a fitness app tailored specifically for women looking to regain their pre-pregnancy body or get fit once your bundle has arrived.

The Kiqplan range has been designed by personal trainers, dieticians and qualified fitness experts to provide you with a personalised training plan, including “how-to” workout videos, nutritional advice, healthy recipes, sleep and step targets, plus much more and all the info from your fitness-tracker is sent over to the app to record exactly how you are getting along.

Kiqplan differs from other fitness apps by using the real data it receives daily and turning this into a 12-week training programme that works with you every step of the way, tailored just for you. In addition, Goodbye Baby Bump will provide lifestyle tracking of sleep, weight, and water intake, weekly schedules that include your workouts for the week, customised targets, tips, articles and recipes, and motivational rewards and badges for added encouragement.

Once you have been given the all clear from your doctor, you can begin this exercise programme which is designed to work in tandem with most smart phones and leading fitness-trackers, including Fitbug, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Nike+, iHealth and more.

All the workouts have been divided into four phases to start out lighter as you are just getting over the labour and getting used to a new baby and slowly progress to a harder workout.

The first phase is very gentle and uses light weights to get the body used to exercising again. Simple to perform exercises which includes a gentle core section designed to switch that core back on. Then onto the second phase which builds on from the first. This stage includes slightly more challenging exercises and heavier weights.

The third phase is a total body circuit workout designed to enhance overall body tone and increase fitness levels whilst still not being exhausting. Remember us mums are busy, busy people so the app is made to be able to fit into your routine and not exhaust you out.

Finally, the last phase is a PHA (peripheral heart action) circuit which will get the blood pumping around the body, maximising calorie burn, increasing fitness levels and help to shift some of that stored body fat.

With the Kiqplan app, I was also sent a Fitbug Orb so that I could get full use out of the app and see it in action. The Orb uses an advanced 3-axis accelerometer to accurately measure your every step and move whilst wirelessly sending all the data to be collated into its online results. The Fitbug Orb can be accessed whilst at your computer to track your stats, or you can download the app to your smartphone for even easier access.

It is fairly easy to set up and your tracking in no time. You just get walking and you'll see it slowly counting before your eyes. Walk past a certain speed and the tracker will also keep note of the aerobic steps that you take and provide more detailed results based on this. What's more, when you go to bed, just press the button in 3 times and it will track your sleep and give you a report on how you have slept.

All the information is then sent over to the Kiqplan app and shown on the dashboard. It shows steps taken with the target amount underneath, how many calories you've eaten and how much sleep you've had.

I have been trying out the Kiqplan app and the Fitbug Orb and am 5 weeks into my 12 weeks journey to say Goodbye Baby Bump. I'll be sharing my review of both the weight-loss aids, the Kiqplan app and the Fitbug Orb in due course, but for me, I don't need to look like a supermodel, I don't need a thigh gap, I just want to feel confident in myself.

Is that too much to ask?