21 August 2015

Do You Think Green Can Clean?

When it comes to cleaning, you want to buy products that provide a powerful clean and pack a punch against getting rid of dirt and grease, but there is also an aspect of wanting a green cleaner these days. 

We need to look after our planet and the harsh chemicals that are in cleaning products can be damaging, so for the first time ever, Ecover are bring a new generation of cleaning products to the table. Products that have a superior cleaning performance, cleaning 40% more plates, whilst also caring for the planet.

Their brand new washing-up liquid contains 20% more plant-based content than before. Ingredients such as sugar and coconut oil instead of chemical additives, resulting in a powerful cleaning product which is 99.8% plant-based. 

Even the packaging is great for the environment made from Plantplastic which is derived from sugarcane and recycled plastic in their ecological factories that are also sustainably built and are energy efficient. You see, Ecover have thought of everything when it comes to caring for the environment. 

So I was set a task to trail the new Ecover washing-up liquid against the product I usually purchase and see how it compares or differs. Over the past few weeks I had made many meals with a varying amount of washing up and elbow grease needed to see how Ecover worked against hard, burned on food. 

Most of our washing up is fairly easy, such things as sandwiches and light meals leave not much to contend with, but every Sunday we have a big roast dinner which I do hate washing up after. We regularly have lasagne's and pasta bakes too which usually results in having an oven dish with baked on excess food which is a pain to clean. 

So, did the Ecover washing-up liquid achieve a good enough clean...?

Yes it did. And I was actually surprised at how well it cleaned with it being such a natural plant-based product. I was expecting to have to put a lot of elbow grease in to clean the harder pots, but just like any other washing-up liquid, they cleaned very well but without the harshness and with a greener cleaning aspect to them. 

I was also pleased to note that all the ingredients contained in the product have been dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin so you're also looking after your skin every time you wash up. 

Personally, I find it hard to find products that are tough on grease and can pack a punch when cleaning but are also great for the environment. Finding a green product in Ecover and being able to still clean as well as I did before whilst knowing that I am helping the planet in the long run and with nice scents too that leave my kitchen smelling delightful. 

Ecover is available in four fragrances, Camomile & Marigold, Pomegranate & Lime, Grapefruit & Green Tea and the one we got to try out Lemon & Aloe Vera. You can purchase on the Ecover website and in most high street supermarkets too. 


  1. Looks like gud stuff. Nice to see it is green for the enviroment too

    1. Definitely, that's a big plus to this product x

  2. A first to have a washin up liquid that is good fr sensitive skin. I usually have to wear rubber gloves so I don't get sore hands

    Wendy W