8 July 2015

Personalised Gifts For Teachers - End Of Term Gifts

Teachers are very important people. They are the people that we trust to look after our children for hours a day, through the good and bad times and in my experience of them teaching my children, I have found them to be patient, compassionate and great role models for my children to look up to.

Helping my children through everything and even this year, making Thomas excel in his school subjects and have a profound love of attending school as they make learning fun. 

It can be difficult to find the right gift when it comes to teachers though. We don't really have a chance to get to know the teachers that are with our children which means we don't know their likes and dislikes. We cannot gauge what they would like to receive, although I know that they would be happy if every child just said thank you with a card let alone gifts. 

This year, I am working with Getting Personal to show different gift options for teachers. Items for differing budgets and a plethora to choose from when it comes to gifting. 

When looking for gifts, I chose this one because I thought it would make a change to chocolates but still something for the sweet-toothed teachers. It is a wonderful, thoughtful gift of classic sweets from Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Kola Cubes, Jelly Babies, Super Shrimps, Love Hearts, Fizzers and Refresher Chews all enclosed in different letters boxes spelling out the word 'Thank You'. 

Being that this gift comes in 8 separate boxes, I thought it was a great idea, especially when it comes to support teachers and assistants etc, as it means that the boxes can be split up between all the teachers having a couple of boxes each. Priced at £22.99, I think that it will be a great gift that can be shared amongst the teachers. 

A truly beautiful paperweight which will make any teachers desk stand out from the crowd. The silver star is a unique way to say thank you and show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Engraved with the words 'Best Teacher', it can then be personalised with the teachers name to make it even more precious. Thomas chose this one for his main teacher as he said that she has a little silver pot on her desk that holds stationary so it would match in with this. 

This silver star paperweight is priced at £16.99 and can come gift boxed for a few pounds more with the personalisation being added for free. I also like how Getting Personal actually state that the font looks best when capitalised and not using full block capitals, it's good to see them actually thinking about the finished product. 

I love this little miniature token gift. Measuring as a 60mm square, it is a super cute gift that is elegant and would look beautiful stood proud on his teachers desk. cut from glass, this item features the words 'A+ Teacher' and again like the above gift, can be personalised with a teachers name or a message up to 33 characters. 

Not only does is this glass gift look absolutely beautiful but it comes in a gorgeous lined gift box which is the perfect place to store such a precious item. This token gift is stunning and with a tag of £14.99, is the perfect keepsake to gift to a teacher. 

As we know, a teacher loves a good cuppa whilst helping children learn and grow their little personalities, and now Thomas' teacher can sup her drink in her lovely new personalised mug. Getting Personal do a whole range of different mugs to suit different teachers but we chose the' Live, Learn, Teach' mug as I thought it was a great motto for a teacher. 

Written in red and turquoise fonts, as with most other items from Getting Personal, you can personalise it with the name of your teacher (up to 25 letters) and let them know how grateful you are. The standard mug is £9.99 but you can also choose the heat change mug for £12.99 which changes colour when hot. 

Personalised Notebooks For Teachers
All teachers need a pad to write down notes and so I thought it would be great to have one that they can use whilst also knowing just how much they are appreciated by their pupils. Getting Personal have a huge, and I mean vast, range of notebooks to pick from. 

Thomas is always telling us that his teachers is the best ever so going on that basis, for her I picked the World's Greatest Teacher Notebook which comes in a choice of colours and personalisations. Choosing a purple front, I then filled in the personalisation options to fit. This notebook can be used for other options too and not just for teachers. 

For his teaching assistant, Thomas spoke of how she was the one who always had the stationary and would hand it out to the kids, so the Teacher's Pens Notebook was perfect for her. Again, it can be personalised with a name and each notebook comes as standard A5 or for a little extra can be hardback and/or A4 in size. 

After choosing the perfect gift, you then need a beautiful card to match. Again, like many of the other items, there are loads of cards to choose from, literally hundreds. After much looking, I went for the 'Just To Say Thank You Teacher' card. 

A beautifully bright card is made from high quality 350gsm and has a glossy laminated finish in a full colour print. Can come in either A6, A5 or A4 sizes and personalised with your teachers name on the front and personalised message inside. 

With the fact that Thomas has one main teacher, an assistant teacher and 2 support teachers, I decided to get one class card and instead of adding teachers names to the front, I went for the personalisation of 'Yr1 Teachers' instead. 

As you can see, there is so much to choose from and to suit any budget. Not only do Getting Personal offer all this choice of personalised gifts, but when you choose said gift, you can preview exactly what it will look like once done to make sure it looks right before purchasing it which I think is great. 

Thomas can't wait for the end of school now so that he can surprise his teachers with these beautiful gifts, although he is a little sad to be leaving his teachers. If you're struggling to think of a unique gift for your children's teachers, make sure you check out Getting Personal!


  1. I love these ideas :) thanks for sharing!!!

    1. No problem, hope they were useful for you x

  2. I think the personalised note books would probably be the most appreciated as I'm sure teachers are always jotting down notes!

    Kirsty Fox

    1. I did think that they would go down best :-)

  3. These are some lovely ideas for gifts xx

    1. Thanks, there was loads to choose from too x