5 July 2015

Ewan The Dream Sheep

Over the past few weeks, Joseph has been sleeping with Ewan the Dream Sheep in his cot with him to see how it works in getting him to calm down and settle him into a peaceful sleep. I for one had my fingers crossed that it would help with settling him down as, with having 2 older children in the house who have to be up for school, I know how important it is that they get as much sleep as possible without being woken by their littlest brother. 

So I got to work using Ewan as soon as he arrived to see how Joseph was with him.

Ewan the Dream Sheep emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency, 125Hz pink noise range, and has a calming warm pink glow which they say will help settle a baby down to sleep. The pink glow is supposed to help babies associate this with being in the womb as research has shown that babies are comforted by this and therefore it will help to soothe them as it's something they remember. 

Then it comes to the sounds. Each one of Ewan's feet has a little button which, when pushed, will play different sounds that are proven to have a calming effect on babies. By pressing any of the buttons, you will start off with the heartbeat recording, which then, when pressed again will change to either womb sounds, vacuum cleaner, rain or harp music depending on which of the buttons you press. 

The chosen sound will then play for 20 minutes until switching itself off to preserve battery life which I think is a great idea. No having to pop in once your baby is asleep to turn it off with the risk of squeaky floors waking them back up, it just simply does it itself. 

Joseph is currently 5 month old and at this age, he is supposed to have no loose toys or objects in his cot with him as this is a safety risk (for children under 12 months of age), that's why Ewan comes with a Velcro tail which fastens to the cot bars or moses basket. Leaving him close enough to Joseph so that he can hear the soothing sounds and see the light but I know that it will not fall onto him or he will not pull it onto himself during the night giving me peace of mind.

Overall, I love Ewan. I think that he is a great sleep aid for babies as well as being soft and loveable so that they can cuddle him too when it's play time. Ewan is beautiful and his new grey head and legs give him a new lease of life.

I think it's great how this little sheep can help a baby settle down with its unique sounds. For Joseph, he likes listening to the 'rain' and 'vacuum' sounds but his favourite is by far the 'harp music' and I have regularly found he prefers this one to drift off to sleep whilst listening to it.

Ewan the Dream Sheep is priced at £29.99 which I don't think is a bad price at all when it comes to something that helps to settle Joseph and is designed which babies in mind. You can pop to the Sweet Dreamers website for find out more information or to purchase Ewan.