2 June 2015

Which Family Occasions Are Worth Saving For?‏

Something you take for granted when you have children is just how often you'll be saving for something or another. Not only do you have to focus on Christmas and Birthdays, but holidays and then occasions such as Christenings and Mother's/Father's Day. It's safe to say that throughout the year, we are probably always saving for some event, even more so now we have 3 children.

I think there has got to be a point where you stop though and think that there are just too many occasions to save for and instead choose the ones that are worth saving for and stick with them. For me, this is anything family based, so birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day and then things way off in the future that need to be in the back of your mind from the get go. 

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We were lucky as the boys were all born at different times of the year, Thomas in May, Charlie in September and Joseph in February which means that we have a few months between each to do some saving up for them.

Working out how we could afford them all, I decided to start putting £10 a week away into a savings account. This means that each year, we save £520 which is more than enough to cover the 3 birthdays, maybe just a little needs adding to if we decide to throw a party, but other than that, it covers all their toys, cake and days out for their birthdays without skinting us at the time. 

Mother's and Father's Day
Personally, I find these days very important. I don't do celebrating our birthdays, it's just another year for me, but celebrating our parents and everything they have done for us, and what we do for our children, I think that is important. Just to say thanks for being there really. 

Every year we do something special. Take our parents out for a meal or even, like last year, take my husbands mum away to the coast for the day, just something on that one day of the year, just to let them know how much you love and thank them. Although letting the boys get crafty for gifts is just priceless!
Future Occasions
Who knows what will happen in the future. Our children might leave school and go to university, they might want to travel the world or they might even have a baby of their own, all of these things cost, and cost a lot. What I want to make sure is that they have a start in life when they get to adult age whatever they decide to do.

Ever since the boys were born they have had a savings account of some sort, either a Child Trust Fund or a Junior ISA. These were very important for me as they are investments in their futures. Each month, money goes into their accounts which adds up over the years until they're 18 and can get access to the money which, by then will be around £4,000 (give or take a little depending on interest and inflation etc) which will give them that start to do whatever they want. 

Right now, I don't have a clue what my children will be when they're older, but I know that they'll have that helping hand when they enter adulthood. Whether they use it for further education, a lads holiday or any other special occasion, I don't care as long as they enjoy doing it!

Which occasions are worth saving for in your family?‏

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  1. Errr I'm dreading all these money worries when chicka arrives :-/