1 June 2015

Vaping: A Better World

We all have bad habits in life that we’d like to change and there are few worse habits than smoking. Anybody that smokes knows it is killing them slowly and there aren't too many of us who could actually say we love it. 

To be honest, it’s the same with almost every bad habit. Overeating, heavy drinking and even nail-biting: none of them serve us particularly well. Smoking, however, is perhaps one of the greatest vices and the one that will undoubtedly hurt us the most. 

People can save a fortune when they start vaping - at least 60% of the money they spent on cigarettes. Plus, they won’t smell like an ashtray anymore! There are other benefits to vaping, including potential health benefits, no burn marks on the sofa and a variety of tasty flavours to choose from. 

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking and has created a number of converts, including a few big name celebrities. There are definite advantages to vaping, rather than smoking traditional cigarettes; indeed, most health organisations have come out in support of e-cigarettes, such as the Vapouriz e-cigs. People who are in favour of e-cigarettes include: 

Leonardo DiCaprio 
The star of The Beach, Inception and Romeo & Juliet created a real stir at The Golden Globes when he and Julia Louis-Dreyfus vaped inside the awards ceremony last year. 

Katherine Heigl 
Heigl is another big name celebrity who openly vapes. The star of Grey’s Anatomy has appeared on The Letterman Show with an e-cigarette on the go and is a long-standing supporter of the vaping movement. 

Charlie Sheen 
Sheen really needed to kick a few bad habits. The actor endured a public meltdown that led to him being fired from the most popular sitcom on TV – Two and a Half Men. On the comeback trail, Sheen was regularly seen vaping on an e-cigarette. He liked it so much, he decided to launch his own. 

Snoop Dogg 
Lots of other celebrities have jumped on the vaping train, including legendary smoker Snoop Dogg. Like Sheen, the legendary rapper has signed his own deal to create an e-cigarette of his own: The G Pen. 

These celebrities have kicked the worst habit of all, now you can too. It's just a case of researching and finding out which e-cigarette is best for you. You can pick up some fairly great e-cig starter kits which have everything included so you can give vaping a go straight away.

So, what are you waiting for. Put those cigarettes down and get vaping to help kick the habit!

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