2 June 2015

Stylish Summer Baby Fashion

I am obsessed with baby and kids clothing, in fact I think Joseph has enough 3-6 month clothing that he could wear a new outfit every day. I just can't stop buying things, especially when I come across the designer baby brands. 

It's just something I do. Some people buy shoes and bags, I accumulate children's clothes, even sometimes months in advance, just to beat the sales and stock up.

I had never bought branded clothing when the older boys were babies, but after coming across the Pumpkin Patch brand whilst I was in House Of Fraser, I have made sure to stock up on their new designs and quirky outfits for Joseph. At the moment, sticking with their summer range which has a mix of cool summer looks to stylish sets all perfect for a cute little boy. 

This week we got 2 new pieces for his collection. The Pumpkin Patch Baby Boys Polo Bodysuit is made from 100% cotton and it is super comfortable and breathable. The khaki green stands out from the usual blue colours for boys and the polo top design makes it great for formal-wear if you have an event you're attending but want your baby to be comfortable in soft clothing.

Even though it looks like a polo top, it is actually like a vest as it covers right over the Joseph's nappy and fastens underneath which is fab for those warm days where we are going somewhere nice so want to dress him up, but don't want him being over warm in a top and vest. Because of its style, it can be paired with virtually any bottoms. Jeans, joggers and shorts would work well with it.

My favourite outfit has to be the Pumpkin Patch Baby Boys Check Shortie which is just adorable. Again, made from 100% cotton it is a must have in your little ones wardrobe. An all-in-one outfit with a super stylish kick, perfect for summer.

This outfit comes with poppers between the legs for ease of access during nappy changes and means that, with the help of the side buttons, it is easy to get on and off. A white base with red, black and grey checks and little pocket detail on the front, it just stands out and oozes baby cuteness. The one thing I love about this outfit is that it is very generous in size, giving breathing space between the skin and material to keep Joseph cool during the warm days. It also means that this will fit him for months to come.  

I am now a lover of Pumpkin Patch kids clothing and their styles. Just the sheer quality of their clothing ranges and different styles they choose that just show that all babies don't need to wear boring clothes, they can be stylish too!  


  1. Ohhhh such a sweetie!

  2. Oh my you have the most adorable baby! Look at him with his ducky!