5 June 2015

Online Bingo - My Favourite Pastime

On a typical weekend, once you are done with your work, ever wondered what to do next? To combat boredom and monotony, try playing bingo online and you never know when you hit one of those big jackpots!

Online bingo is quite an unpredictable game. Sometimes your luck may support you and at times it may not. I have been an ardent bingo fan for more than 2 years now and I would say there’s nothing like it.

Back in the days, before I started playing bingo, I didn’t know much about it. That was until one day a conversation struck between two women which seemed rather interesting to me. Online bingo was suggested to me by one of them. I took a look at it and in no time got hooked on to the game. The best part about online bingo which I particularly loved was its social factor. You get to socialize with hundreds and thousands of people from around the globe.
Photo by Salvatore Vuono from freedigitalphotos.net
Now I don’t feel lonely anymore at home. The moment I am free I log in to a popular bingo site, New Look Bingo being my favourite. I like this site particularly for all its interesting bonuses, promotions and loyalty schemes.

They also have offer first three deposit bonuses. On my first deposit I got 500% bonus, while on my second and third deposit got a whopping 350% and 300% bonus respectively. For those who don’t understand what bonus is, it’s like free money. So you can play games with it and even withdraw your wins. Good deal, huh? In case you are still lost, the way I was initially, you can reach out to the customer service reps with any queries. I have been playing on this particular site for over three months now, and have made quite a few friends who are also equally active on the site.

New Look Bingo has this amazing community feel and is well designed with an extremely user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Apart from bingo games, the site also has a wide selection of other games which include tournaments, slots, casino, scratch cards and freebets.

So come play here at New Look Bingo today and grab all the benefits the site has has in store for you.

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  1. I do love a bit of on-line bingo too i spend way too much time chatting on there tho