8 June 2015

Let Us Women Unite To #EndEmbarrassment

I think as a nation, we are probably the most easily embarrassed. We don't talk about personal things much and if you do mention anything like that, people seem to clam up and want to change the subject as they're feeling embarrassed. 

That's why I'm not shocked by the results of The Vagisil Blush Index that reveals the shocking levels of embarrassment that exist amongst British women about something that’s so important, intimate health.

Vagisil spoke to 2,000 British women about their attitudes and embarrassment towards the subject and nearly half (47% in fact) felt embarrassed when the word ‘vagina’ came up in day-to-day conversation. In fact, more than half (53%) said that they replace the word ‘vagina’ with another word so as to not feel embarrassed having to say it. 

In fact, when I wrote a recent post about pelvic floor muscles and incontinence after pregnancy, one of my friends messaged me to ask how I could write about things like that as it's too embarrassing and that although she hated to admit it, she had been suffering and was glad to read that it was normal. 

It doesn't surprise me though as I know loads of people who wont even speak about anything intimate health related. What does surprise me is that 31% of those surveyed said that they have never spoken to their GP about an intimate health problem with 15% saying that a problem then became worse because they didn't talk to their GP about it. 

When it comes to the media, it seems a bit of both side from the results with 70% saying that the way the media portrays women’s bodies makes them feel less confident about their own body but on the flip side nearly a third of those surveyed said they feel that TV programs such as Embarrassing Bodies have made them feel more confident about discussing their own private health issues. 

I can definitely relate to this. You can't switch on the TV, read a paper or magazine without seeing a beautiful woman telling us that we need to 'lose weigh for summer' or which celebrity has the 'perfect bikini body' which you can clearly tell has been the work of surgery and air brushing. It doesn't give a clear reflection of true women and it does make, even me, feel self-conscious at times. 

I think for me personally though, I like to talk about the things that most people find embarrassing. Especially after going through pregnancy and everything that happens during and after, there isn't much information on the embarrassing parts such as bleeding, pelvic floor muscles and incontinence, and so that is why I write about them on my blog. To put new mums at ease that everything they are going through is normal. 

So I am glad that Vagisil is on a mission to end the embarrassment that exists around intimate health, and do something about this issue with the #EndEmbarrassment Campaign. It’s about time embarrassment was tackled to make sure that every woman feels confident enough to pay attention to their intimate health and do something about it when needed.

Women should be able to ask for help and advise when needed without fear of embarrassment. Those 11% of women that have an embarrassing question that they want to ask but have never done so shouldn't feel ashamed about bladder control, itching or any other problem that affects them. 

For more information about the campaign, or if you need any intimate advise or products, you can visit the Vagisil website who are running the #EndEmbarrassment and if you are suffering in silence with a problem that you find embarrassing, please do visit your doctor for advice. 


  1. What an interesting read. Thankfully, i'm like you and I can talk about my intimate problems. I also know a lot who cant, especially to professionals. #EndEmbarrassment

    1. I hope that by writing about it, people will start to think it's the norm x