14 June 2015

Dr Brown's Wide Necked Baby Bottles

Over the past few years, I have tried only one certain range of bottles with the boys and never really had to change them with either Thomas or Charlie but Joseph has been different. He has been windy, fidgety when feeding and a very sicky baby. If you've ever had a very windy baby, you will know my problem and just how much it effected Joseph. 

He would fidget so much after a bottle, you could tell he was in pain from the trapped wind. It came as a bit of a shock as the older 2 never really had a problem in this department so I did some reading up as to what could help me combat this issue. That's when I came across Dr Brown's and their bottles which some have hailed as 'life savers' when it comes to feeding time. 

Dr Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles feature a patented internal vent which is designed to create no vacuum in the bottle and reduce air bubbles in formula which helps to reduce colic, burping and wind. And because there is no vacuum in the bottle, it also stops teats collapsing in too.

According to Dr Brown's, babies will feed more comfortably as the vent allows the baby to feed from the bottle without having to fight again a vacuum and the force it creates and also stopping babies ingesting discomforting air bubbles. 

We were sent a pack of 2 Dr Brown's Wide Necked Bottles to try out with Joseph and give our feedback as to how they worked for him. This pack included:

240ml Dr Brown's Wide Necked Bottles x2
Dr Brown's Level One Silicone Teats x2
Two-piece patented vent x2
Cleaning brush

The day they arrived, I sterilised them and then waited till feeding time to get one ready. Making the bottle up was easy as usual although I did notice that you couldn't shake the bottle without it leaking. After having a read up as I thought there was something wrong, I learned that you aren't actually supposed to shake bottles as that can cause more air bubbles in the milk and are instead supposed to mix or swirl the bottle to dissolve the formula. 

I set the bottle up, left it to cool a little and Joseph was ready to try his new bottle...

After getting over the initial shock of trying a new bottle, Joseph took to it well. I noticed that whilst feeding, I didn't need to remove the bottle from his mouth to let it fill back up with air and that the teat was staying in shape without being sucked in. 

I as a bit worried after the first bottle as he seems to drain it so quickly. I did wonder if the teat hole was too big but it didn't seem to affect him at all. In fact, I think that because he wasn't struggling with trying to swallow air bubbles, like he did when using other bottles, that his milk just seemed to go down better and he'd finish it fairly quickly. 

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. No crying when his bottle had gone, no wriggling in pain. Instead, as I sat him on my knee to rub his back, out popped a burp, follow by another, without any discomfort for Joseph. 

It was great to finally feed him without worrying out windy and sickliness afterwards. The only annoying part was cleaning it afterwards. It comes with a cleaning brush for the vent but trying to scrub inside it and make sure any milk residue is gone can be quite annoying and fiddly but I guess it's a small price to pay for a smiley, happy baby. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Dr Brown's bottles and can now see why so many parents swear by them. You too can help your baby to be wind-free as Dr Brown's bottles are available from Boots and many other retailers.