5 June 2015

Babycademy Music Time Programme

The first 12 months of a baby’s life are such an important time when it comes to physical, sensory, intellectual and social development and it's a great help if you set a range of experiences for your baby to respond to during this time which will promote optimal brain development and support these key development areas in their first year.

That's exactly why Babycademy was created. Babycademy is an award winning Music Time package which has been developed as a learning programme to help encourage babies physical, emotional and mental development focusing on 6 areas, language skills, intelligence, sensory development, fine motor skills, large motor skills, and social skills. It helps babies to understand and learn in their environment whilst giving you and your child a chance to bond and spend fun, quality time together. 

The Music Time kit is made up of music-themed classes for you to enjoy with your baby whilst at home and at your own pace. Containing over 10 hours of original songs, activities and stories, along with a set of educational toys for a fun way to help your baby to practise new skills as they grow. 

Incorporating touch, sight and sound in to each part, the kit focuses on repetition to support memory development and concentration. And by focusing on the repetition of these routines in the kit it helps babies to build their knowledge particularly in terms of thinking processes and problem-solving abilities.

It has customised singing and reading activities that link sound and movement with routines to encourage the development of motor coordination, a sense of rhythm, and listening skills. All allowing your baby to engage and learn early on in their life to help and give them a head start in the future years.

During the Music Time kit, there is a tummy time activity which is perfect for young babies and tummy time is so important for a growing baby. All babies should have a bit of tummy time each day as it helps them gain control of their body as they learn how to hold their head up straight and move about to engage with their environment, developing their large motor skills and fine motor skills in turn. 

The Music Time programme is made up three phases which become more complex as your baby develops. Each phase is made up of various interactive lessons that create rich sensory experiences for your baby, and that also allow parents to relax and have fun while enjoying this structured quality time. Starting at just five minutes, and going up to 20 minutes, lessons and activities can be tailored to suit your baby’s needs and unique development.

We started using the kit as soon as it arrived and what's great is that there is no fixing together or batteries required and the the instructions are simple and straightforward to follow throughout. The music introduces them to the world around them, tummy time and themselves and Joseph loved it. Even though he is now still only young at 16 weeks old, his eyes light up when the music comes on and he's even started kicking his legs to it too.

I have tried to include the boys in with the play also, getting them to do the actions and control Wilson (which Thomas loves to do) whilst Joseph is watching. It's nice to see the bond between them grow as they play together with the kit, the older boys both singing along and doing actions which Joseph seems to find hilarious.

Overall, I am impressed with the Babycademy music time kit and how, in these few weeks that we've been using it, Joseph has started recognising it and the music when it starts. It will be great to see how Joseph progresses over the coming months with the kit as he becomes more mobile and gains his motor skills to be able to join in more.

You can find more information about the Music Time kit and purchase it from the Babycademy website.


  1. looks super fun for babies shame my girl is older now

    1. even my older boys like listening to the music :-)

  2. Super cute photos of your little baby. He is adorable